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Thread: Tox - Medic

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    Default Tox - Medic

    I am looking for an Advanced Life Support Tox Medic Class. Does anyone have any information on schools or classes. I am in Florida. Thank you

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    Post NFA ALS Course

    Try looking here. I think this is what you might be looking for:


    It's the Advanced Life Support Response for Haz Mat Incidents. It is a 2-week course at the Academy.
    Just be aware, you have to have taken ICS-100 & 200 to get into any course at the National Fire Academy starting October 1, 2007.
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    That is exactly what I am looking for. Thank You. Is there anything local to Florida or online?

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    Blountstown, FL about 1 hour west of Tallahassee

    Default Try this it is Jax in Oct

    Our Dept is looking at sending approx 6-8 over there


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