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    Smile Need help finding info please...

    I am searching for documentation on recent or numerous LODD in which benefits were denied (for what ever reason), with details...Im trying to prove a point to our department that benies are not guaranteed! And more often than not denied. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Stay Safe! Oh, Im aware of the one on firehouse.
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    CaptnNC you have said that before you are in the Raleigh area. Give Jason Lane a call at Ral station 7. He should be able to answer all of your questions and provide data for you.

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    Is this recent story in Atlanta what you are looking for?


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    The only issue I have ever heard of was one where firefighters who were burned were not covered by their department insurance because they were not wearing all of their gear.

    Another example (while not fire related) I know of a police department (and I am sure several are like this) that if you get shot in the line of duty and you were not wearing your vest then your department insurance will not cover you. And if you die your family gets nothing.

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