This had the potential to turn out much worse. Thankfully only a few injuries.

Langford construction project collapses
Sandra McCulloch, Times Colonist
Published: Friday, August 17, 2007

A condominium project under construction in Langford collapsed yesterday as cement was being pumped onto forms on the second level of a planned four-storey building.

The collapse occurred at 11:45 a.m. at 2710 Peatt Rd. and sent several workers falling to the level below, said West Shore RCMP.

The RCMP supervised a head count of the 16 workers. Four were taken to hospital with injuries not believed to be life-threatening.

"Lots of people were scrambling around," said Langford fire Chief Bob Beckett.

"It certainly had the potential to be extremely serious. Clearly, it could have been far more serious."

He saw some workers covered with cement while others had abrasions.

There was a huge noise when the building gave way, said neighbour Helen Morneau, who was in her backyard at the time. "I heard one crash and then the yelling started. It sounded like thunder or a big dumptruck dumping rocks out."

A second rumble occurred as a second part of the building collapsed. She ran over to the site with a neighbour.

"If you can understand a bad earthquake, it was that bad."

She arrived at the front of the complex to see the rear of the building had collapsed in a pile of wet cement and rebar.

"From what I could see, it was the whole back end of the building," said Morneau.

The construction workers came off the site looking shocked, some covered in cement, she said.

"You could see with some of the workers, after they'd been washed down, that their backs and sides were scraped. One looked like he had a bootprint right on his back. It was horrifying. I was in disbelief."

The incident is under investigation by WorkSafe B.C.