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    all vol dept 23 members 17 active
    2006 smeal/spartan 6 man, top mnt 1000gal 20gal foam/ 1250 pump
    1977 darley top mnt 750gal/750pump
    1967 alexis pump/roll 1600gal elip stainless (1994)
    1995 chev 3500hd 4 door/rescue
    1995 chev 2 door utility

    56 sq mile mostly ag, (corn,Beans,etc.) village of 430 640 total in district

    75-85 calls. 65% medical

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    Outside Philadelphia


    All Volunteer, 1 station, 70 members, 40 active

    2 Engines
    1 Rescue-Engine
    1 Tower Ladder
    1 QRS
    1 Utility
    1 Duty Chief veh
    1 Chief's veh

    350 Fire calls per year
    600 EMS BLS calls, non-transport

    8.1 Sq miles
    Daytime pop.- around 23,000
    Nighttime pop- around 13,500

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    Default acfpd

    I'm a member of the Ashley Community Fire Protection District, Ashley Illinois. I'd list all kinds of things about our department, but this will take care of it for me:


    Be safe everyone!

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    SFPD Member MABAS Division 47
    Told my wife I'm at work. Told my boss I'm sick. I'm really at the fire station.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iggerzonfire View Post
    We are City Fire only in a town of about 2000.
    If you are city fire only, and you live in the mid-west I'm gonna guess that there is a substantial rural area around the community? Just curious who does the protection for the rural area (outside city limits)?

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    Paid per call department. Around 20 active members. We serve a population of around 3000 (city and rural area). We have an automatic mutual aid agreement with the surrounding towns for structure fires. Our extrication district includes some of the smaller neighboring towns that don't have equipment, although they are in the process or have already gotten their own so it will cut down on our extrication calls significantly. We run between 300 and 400 calls a year, mostly medical and grass fires. One station. One paramedic, two EMT-I's, two EMT-B's, and two First Responders. Our equipment is as follows:
    One 75' Quint
    One rescue pumper
    One engine
    One med unit (with extra set of extrication equipment)
    One 3000 gallon tanker (with another in the works)
    Three grass trucks
    One grass truck/engine (which is semi-retired)
    One 1946 fire truck ride/parade truck
    One command Blazer
    If I remember correctly, our in town ISO rating is a 3. Out of town is something like an 8 but we are working towards getting that lowered.

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    Forgot to add this info to my previous post.

    City/Rural Dept covering 400+ square miles. City population ~1,400, total protection area population of ~2,900. City has an ISO 6, rural area is a 9 mainly due to the lack of rural water supply and distance from the station. Currently 33 active members, roster has room for 34. We do structure, wildland & rescue. The Ambulance is a seperate entity although we have several firefighters who are also EMT's and volunteer on the ambulance association. We have the following for apparatus:
    (4) type 6 wildland engines
    (1) type 3 tender
    (1) type 2 tender
    (1) type 1 engine
    (1) type 2 engine
    (1) type 7 engine (Polaris Ranger 6x6)
    More info available on our website @ www.plattevfd.com

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    Mayflower, Arkansas


    Here's my department:
    1 paid Chief
    15 members on the roster
    1 station serving 35 square miles including a Union Pacific mainline and a major east/west interstate (I-40)
    We are a fast growing area, currently we serve around 10,000 people with 3 subdivisions and two lumber mills being built.
    We are I.S.O class seven and nine due to water system constraints.
    So far this year we've ran 240 calls. 170 of which were medical.
    We have 7 apparatus:
    2 1996 E-One commercial 1250gpm 1000gal pumpers
    1 2006 Rosenbauer mini/rescue 500gpm 300gal This unit carries our jaws and other extrication equipment
    1 1997 chevy utility bed truck we use for medical calls
    1 1987 Ford f-350 air/light/rescue truck
    1 1987 Chevy brush truck
    1 1980 Ford 2000 gallon tanker

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdff1520 View Post
    If you are city fire only, and you live in the mid-west I'm gonna guess that there is a substantial rural area around the community? Just curious who does the protection for the rural area (outside city limits)?
    We have a Rural Fire Department funded by the county, Which I am also a member.
    The Department station is in the City, the county is divided into 6 different company's.
    My company has a Heavy Rescue pumper, which responds to structure fires and injury accidents. We have two additional brush trucks. We run all accidents west to the county line about 5 miles, east 10 miles and north and south about 20 miles. The next company that does rescue is 20 miles East. they have a 3000 gallon tanker that they respond to our stucture fires with.
    About 13 of us City Volies are also on the County Department along with 4-5 additional county only vollies.

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    My VFD is part of a large county combination system (~1000 career and ~400 active volunteers). One station with
    -95' tower
    -heavy rescue squad
    -BLS ambulance
    -ALS ambulance
    -boat and boat support unit
    -utility and some chief's vehicles

    Our station is staffed by county career personnel, with volunteers generally supplementing nights and weekends. We don't respond from home or work, but pull standby shifts at the station. our house runs upwards of 7000 calls per year (EMS/rescue/fire). Other stations in the county range from all career to almost-all volunteer.

    Oh, yes... 550 sq miles for the county, about a million people. Our first-due area has about 90,000. Suburban ranging to semi-rural, with everything from large townhouse and condo developments to retail and some light industry to farmland.
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    greenbrier, ar


    we are 25 member vollie department. we do get paid $25 if its a working fire inside the city limits (very rare. about 3 in the last year).

    city pop. ~3000
    rural pop. ~3000

    we do fire/mva/rescue/and first response for medicals

    2 stations - one six bay with offices, class room, storage. the other is just a two bay station that we keep a pumper and brush tuck in.

    4 pumpers
    2 brush trucks (early '90s chevy pickups with skids)
    1 3000 gal. tanker
    1 light rescue (dodge dually reg. cab with a cummins)

    ~250 medicals ~15 working structure fires per year

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    We currently have 40 members running from two stations:

    Main Station
    1-Engine, 1250 gpm, 750 water, 40 foam, CAFS
    1-Heavy Rescue
    1-Tanker, 500 gpm, 2750 water
    1-Mini Pumper
    1-Brush unit

    1-1932 Buffalo, Our first engine 75 years old this year, still runs, still pumps!

    Station 2
    1-75' Quint, 1250 gpm, 500 water, 40 foam, CAFS
    1-Mini Rescue Pumper, 500 gpm, 250 water

    Coverage area 36.5 square miles
    Population 20,000+
    Community Cross section 60% residential, 40% commercial
    Calls 2005, 1,414 (838 Fire, 576 Rescue (auto accident, medical, etc.)

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    Ashippun Wi

    Default My Dept.

    here in Ashippun we have

    1982 Mack Pierce Pumper Tanker 2500 Gal. Tank
    1986 Mack Welch 3000 Gal tanker
    1989 Ford F250 Grass truck with Pierce Defender skid unit
    1996 Pierce Sabre 6 man Cab
    1999 Freightliner Pierce Responder
    2006 Ford F350 Grass truck with Pierce Defender skid unit
    2007 Braun International Rescue Squad

    we carry TNT Rescue tools. Its Kinda handy since they are next door.

    We have 40 Members and Cover about 55 square Miles and have 2 stations.
    With about 180 Calls a year for both Fire and First responder calls. and this year we are Celebrating our 90th year of service!
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    Pa Wilds

    Default Cfd

    90 + member volunteer FD located in N.W. Pennsylvania
    Area covered - 102 sq. mi.
    Population - 15,000
    Demographics - Heavy Industry, Light Manufacturing, Hospital, Nursing Homes, Elderly High Rise, Mercantile (Big Box + Plazas) Plus normal contingent of 1 & 2 family dwellings. New section 8 housing not yet occupied.
    Service provided - Fire, rescue & HazMat (No EMS)
    Total Calls Avg. - 220 About 100 fire, 80 rescue/extrication, 20 Wildland
    20 misc. incl. investigations & water.

    Equipment operating out of 2 stations:

    - 4 engines 1500 to 2000 gpm all carry 1200' - 5" hose 4 or 5 1 3/4" PC & 2 - 2 1/2" PC + Prepiped deluge
    - Heavy Rescue with 15 KW hydraulic generator, light tower & self powered jaws
    - Quint - 100' tower ladder, 2000 gpm pump, 20 KW hydraulic generator, 600' - 5" supply, 2 - 1 3/4 PC, 1 - 2 1/2 PC.
    - 2,000 gal tanker
    - 2 brush units (P/U with skid mounts) 120 gal tanks
    - 4 wheeler with 30 gal water tank & elec pump
    - County Haz Mat vehicle
    - 1917 American LaFrance (restored) 300 gpm Jr. Pump & Chemical tank

    Closest mutual aid is 8 mi N or S, 11 mi. W & 19 mi. East

    Unusual hazards include Large quantities of flammables used in manufacturing (coal tar pitch), Air separation facility with Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen & Argon including high pressure pipelines through the mercantile area, chlorine purification processes. High temperature electric furnaces (6,000 deg. F)
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    indian springs nevada


    15 + member volunteer FD located in Indian Springs Nevada
    Area covered - 150+ sq. mi.
    Population - 2000
    Heavy highway travel, multiple rec sites, military base, mixed trailer and houses with 500 new homes projected in 2 years with 1 to 2 casinos coming in. near the NEVADA test site. we are 30 miles outside of las Vegas Nevada. we are sponsored by Clark county fire department only because they are required to by law. Clark county is one of the biggest departments in the country.
    Service provided - Fire/wildland, rescue, HazMat and ems
    Total Calls Avg. - 150+

    Equipment operating out of 1 stations:

    1 engine new 1996 dont know the specs on it yet. holds 500 gallons only have a 24' ladder with no way of reaching the tallest building in Indian springs.
    1 squad 250 gallons of water needs to be retired.
    1 rescue we just got back form the shop.
    Closest mutual aid is Creech Air Force Base but there priority is the base they have left in the middle of calls to respond back over there. Station 82 is about 20 miles away with only 7 volunteers. then our next closest back up is from las vegas at 40+ mins

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    Thumbs up Sagle Fire

    I'm Fire Commissioner for Sagle Fire. Our Web Site is www.Saglefire.com. Take a look.
    Jay Dudley
    Retired Fire
    Background Investigator
    Lifetime Member CSFA
    IAFF Alumni Member

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    35 members POC
    N.E. Wi
    3000+ pop
    30-45 calls per year-no EMS

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    26 Volunteers -- 18 active
    1 station -- Town coverage only (outside city limits covered by a Fire District)
    Approx 4 square miles
    Full time Population around 2400; more than triples during the summer
    1st out 02 Pierce 1250pump 1000tank 6 person cab
    2nd out 73 ALF 1750pump 500tank 5 person cab
    Reserve 75 Ford/Darley 750pump 750tank 3 person cab
    78 Chevy C70 Rescue Truck
    1 Chief car
    First Responder on EMS. Ambulacnce service separate
    180-200 calls per year, majority medical

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    Rockford, Mn

    Smile Rockford, Mn

    One station with 30 members. We provide suppression and medical services to the City Proper and parts of City of Greenfield and Rockford Township. One station with the following apparatus:

    Ladder11: E One quint: 2,000 gpm pump; 75' aluminum stick; 500 gal tank w/ foam pro and seating for 6

    Engine 11: 1,750 gpm pump; 750 gallon tank w/ foam pro; enclosed top mount panel on a 2006 Metro Star chassis w/ seating for 5, shadow rt light tower, remote control vulcan deluge gun, low speed lays, power fill for foam pro system, extrication equipment, hydralic ladder rack, rear suction with thru tank storage for hard suction, dual electric cord reels w/ power rewind, transverse comp. for backboards, 2 brow lights and 2 recessed lights, 1 on each side, portable 750w tripod lights.

    Tender (Tanker)12: 2000 gallon tank; thru tank storage for dump tank on 2006 sterling chassis

    Tender (Tanker) 11: 2000 gallon tank w/ 500 gpm pump n roll on 1999 international chassis. Carry LDH, 1 3/4" preconnects so it can be used in hydrant areas as secondary attack

    Rescue 11: 2004 Sterling chassis, walk in type w/ seating for 5, 15K generator w/ will burt light tower, extrication equipment, cold water rescue suits, various ropes, and medical gear

    Utility 11: Manpower/RIT/Investigation Unit: 2005 GMC diesel engine. Unit has topper w/ slide out unit; carries: medical gear, SCBA's, various tools for RIT and fire investigation.

    Grass 11: late 90's for 1 ton with skid unit. 200 gallon tank small pump with foam unit;

    We also have a Polaris 6x6 with a grass fire skid unit and in the winter we use it for getting to snow mobile accidents or anything we need to go off road for.

    Engine 11, Rescue 11, Tender 12, and Utility 11 were all purchased from Custom Fire out of Osceola, Wi in the last 4 years. All have LED lighting with traffic advisors. Engine and tender have chevron striping on rear. Go to www.customfire.com for pics. they are under "recent deliveries". We speced the engine with alot of "low level" options to keep firefighters off the top as much as possible!!!

    Take care and be safe!!
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