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    I'll join BlueMtnsFirey and give another Australian view, this time from Victoria.

    Single Staion (one of 1200 in the Service)
    40 active members, all volunteer (maybe 58,000 in the Service)

    Principal appliance is our urban pumper, 2004 Isuzu 6 seater, 2000 litre tank, 3000 litre/min pumping capacity,A Class and B Class foam, 4 BA with six spare cylinders, lighting, PPV and salvage equipment.

    Rural Tanker (brush truck to you non-Aussies), 1987 Hino 5 seater, 2000 litre tank. Should be replaced next year by a 4 wheel drive crew cab. We hope.

    Support truck, Mazda 7 seater, 2 generators and light mast, 2 BA and spare cylinders, extra hoses and salvage equipment. Mainly used as a transport.

    Any structure fire call has one other station responded automatically. For a going fire we just ask for more pumpers. If extra support needed we just ask for it, there's a squirt about 7 km's away and a BA Support truck (spares, compressor) about 6 km's - these are the main main non-adjacent supports vehicles we call for.

    Area covered - about 12 sq km (<5 sq mile); nearest neighbouring Stations - one with our cousins in the full career service, two volunteer - all about 4 km or 2.5 miles in a direct line. Population - around 19,000. Jobs per year - average around 300 (no EMS or 1st Responder - yet), which includes support calls to our neighbours as well as long haul support for bushfires. We are a dormitory suburb - a little commerce, no industry, but two of our neighbours have substantial industry risk.

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    Sharpsville, PA
    2.5 square miles
    Population of roughly 5,000 and up to 8,000 during the regular work week
    Roughly 30 members. I don't know the exact number, but I know we have at least 30 members. We operate out of one station with;
    1 pumper-1999 E-One
    1 aerial-2005 E-One HP 75ft rear mount
    1 light rescue-2006 E-One Ford F550 non walk-in
    1 Squad-2001 Chevy Silverado, set up for command and medical
    1 Parade truck-1936 Ahrens Fox which is still able to pump
    Our Chief and Asst Chief also have their POVs set up for command purposes

    We run approximately 350-400 calls annually within our municipality, not counting the numerous mutual aid calls we run within Mercer County, PA and near by Trumbull County, OH.

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    Your First Due...


    27 vol. members
    Coverage area of 36 sq. miles in a explosively growing area!
    10 miles of a major interstate
    175-200 calls per year

    1 station
    2 engines (new Seagrave on the way)
    2 tankers
    1 brush
    1 utility
    1 ALS ambo
    1 command vehicle

    (Coming Soon!!!) 2008 Seagrave Marauder II 1500 gal. rescue/pumper

    1988 Peterbilt/Darley 2500 gal. pumper/tanker (this will be refurbed to be our tanker)

    1997 Freightliner/Darley 1000 gal. rescue/pumper

    1979 International/Darley 3000 gal. tanker

    2005 Ford F-350/Alexis 350 gal./Waterous skid unit

    1990 retrofitted E-350/Wheeled Coach utility unit w/ cascade system

    2004 E-350/Horton ALS ambo

    1999 Ford Expedition command vehicle

    annnnd our fully restored and multiple award winning "1937" Ford/Darley pumper.
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    All Vol Dept , Cover 2 sq miles , 400 - 450 calls per year , operate 2 engines , 1 75' aerialscope , 1 Heavy rescue , GMC utilty , trailer , 1 Ford SUV Command

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    All volunteer department in south-central VA with 23 members

    About 100 square miles coverage area with a pop. of about 1200

    1998 Dodge Brush Truck

    1987 Ford FMC Pumper

    1997 Pierce Saber Rescue Pumper

    1987 Pierce Mini-pumper

    VSFFA Member

    "I'm a CCEMT-B."

    "Remember, if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off."

    "A lack of effort will always lead to failure."

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    All Volunteer Fire/EMS department, 35 sq mile first due (including 2 major highways and the only access to our county from the penninsula), 350 sq mile mutual aid. Mainly rural until 5 years ago and we became the bedroom community of the Tidewater area. Now we are half rural half residential/commercial mix. We ran 871 calls in 07 which is down from 960 in 06 (mainly due to increased paid staffing of the two county rescue squads). We cover the fast growing district in our county with 20-30 active members and another 15-20 inactive (life members..etc).

    1 Station (4 double deep drive through bays and their all full)
    1990 Grumman engine 1000tank 1500pump
    2005 E-One Rescue-Engine 700tank 1250pump (4 bottle 6000lbs cascade)
    1997 E-One 75' Quint 500tank 1500pump
    1998 Freightliner/ALF tractor drawn tanker 5500tank 1250pump
    1980 Ford/Robinson brush truck 200 tank 200pump
    2002 Frieghtler/Wheel Coach ALS medic
    1998 Chevy Caprice (Duty Officer's vehicle)

    Recent additions
    2007 Rescue1 Boat 16' flat bottom (no pump, county cheaped out on us)
    Air/utility trailer (4 bottle 6000lbs cascade)
    (2) 2007 Dodge Durangos (yeah they got a hemi)
    one is used as the ALS zone the other is a utility vehicle
    2007 Dodge Magnum Chief's Car (its also got a hemi)

    On the way
    2007 Frieghtliner/ Wheel Coach ALS medic
    2008 E-One Engine 1250tank 1500pump (this will replace the Grumman)


    websites being rebuilt so some links may not work and some info may be out of date.
    I live to train so you can train to live.

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    Default Williamson Co FPD, IL

    254 sq. miles
    Average 250 calls a year
    Chief- FT
    Deputy Chief-FT
    Airport FF-FT (salary paid by airport)
    Dist Sec.-PT
    POC- approx 70 personnel
    Part time for ARFF coverage- approx 25 personnel

    We have 7 Stations. Each station has an Asst. Chief and a Capt. Station 6 (also HQ) is the station at the airport and provides ARFF also.

    Car 1- Expedition
    Car 2- Crown vic

    Station 1
    -2150 primary engine
    -2151 district reserve engine
    -2160 tender (tanker)
    -2161 district reserve tender
    -2170 brush truck and Gator 1
    -2180 "Squad" equipment box truck

    Station 2
    -2250 engine
    -2260 tender
    -2270 brush truck
    -2271 district reserve brush truck

    Station 3
    -2350 engine
    -2360 tender
    -2370 brush truck and Gator 3

    Station 4
    -2450 engine
    -2460 tender
    -2470 brush trucks

    Station 5
    -2550 engine
    -2560 tender
    -2570 brush truck

    Station 6
    -2650 engine
    -2660 tender
    -2670 brush truck and Gator 6
    -Rescue 1 ARFF

    Station 7
    -2750 engine
    -2760 tender
    -2770 brush truck
    -2780 First responder EMS blazer

    **Pics available at www.wcfpd.net
    The success of a fire department depends on the willingness of its members to put aside their differences and work for the benefit of the dept/community.

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    Kingsbury Indiana
    we cover a large industrial plant, and mostly rural area
    We provide automatic mutial aid to our neighboring township to the south

    we run approx 300 calls a year, 70% are medical
    we have 25 firefighters on our roster
    1 chief, 1assistant chief, abattalion chief, 2 captins and 3 lutenients

    Spencer MFG Engine 1250gpm/Cafs/750Gal of water/Extercation tools
    International Engine 1500gpm/1000 Gal of water
    Top Kick Tanker 500gpm pump 3000 gal of water
    Medtec ambulance for first responder calls
    Dodge Brush Truck

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    Pine Bluff, AR.

    Default Wcfd

    Watson Chapel Fire Dept. Pine Bluff, AR.
    The only volli service in the state to provide Paramedic ALS 1st response. Aprox 325 calls a year.

    Out of 4 stations
    5 engines
    2 tankers
    2 brush / medical 1st response
    1 heavy rescue
    1 brush truck
    1 moble cascade
    1 hazmat trailer
    1 admin

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    combination department
    30 paid
    130-150 vollie (about 70-80 active)
    8 stations (just lost our busiest to another department)
    3000 calls per year (before losing the station)
    70 square miles
    2 small airports
    1 aphitheatre that holds many concerts every year
    1 international raceway
    1 river splitting our district in 2
    3 elemtary schools
    2 high schools
    1 community college

    13 engines (3 tenders classified as engines)
    6 aid cars
    1 medic unit on contract from medic one
    5 rescues (1 converted aid car, 3 medium rescues, 1 swiftwater)
    4 brush trucks
    1 4x4 gator
    3 chief vehicles
    1 safety
    1 PIO van
    2 maitence trucks

    along with several engines, brush trucks, aid cars, trucks and vans that are not in service but can be used if needed (if they start)
    various support vehicles that work when they feel like it

    we have a confined space rescue team
    wild land fire team
    swiftwater team
    low angle rescue

    we serve a population of about 32,000
    we have 5000 houses that are being built between 2 of our more remote stations along with a huge amount of other housing developments

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    All volunteer here with:
    2 pumpers Pierce 1500 gal. pump/750 gal tank 7 person
    1 pumper Pierce 1250 gal. pump/750 ga. tank 5 person
    1 rescue Pierce 9 person
    1 75' aerial Pierce 1500 gal. pump/no tank 5 person
    1 Pickup GMC
    1 Trailer

    We average aprox. 100 calls per year. We currently have a staff of 41 members. We cover a suburban area with a population of 11,000.

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    400 sq miles of Fire district and 600 of EMS
    rolling farmground, scabrock range, and a city of 500
    BNSF and UP rail, 18 miles of I90

    20 total members
    2 paragods
    8 emts

    2 ambs
    3 brush 1200gal 4x4
    1 brush 1400gal 6x6
    1 brush 800gal 2x4
    1 urbaninterface 1000gal 4x4
    1 brush 200gal 4x4
    1 tender 4200gal

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    1 Chief (full time)
    1 Asst Chief
    2 Capt (1-Fire/1-EMS)
    4 Lt's (2 Fire/2 EMS)
    28 firefighters (authorized strength of 35)

    Engine 790- 1984 Pierce Arrow 1250/750 Rescue/Engine
    Truck 791- 1978 Sutphen 85' ALS Tower Ladder 1250/300
    Special Ops 792- 1992 Ford/Wheeled Coach-Ice/Water Rescue Vehicle
    Medic 793- 2007 Ford/RoadRescue Medic Unit
    Engine 794- 1998 E-One/Freightliner ALS Engine 1250/700
    Safety 795- 1973 Chevy Safety Officers Vehicle
    Unit 796- 2002 Ford Expedition Chiefs Vehicle (used by Chief 200)
    Medic 798- 2001 Ford/Road Rescue Medic Unit

    We staff a medic unit with two every day of the year from 8-4. In times of really bad snowstorms or other weather conditions, we may man an engine and/or medic from 4pm-Midnight, then midnight to 8am as well.

    For fires and MVA's with injuries we have AutoAid coming from a neighboring dept. So during the day, we have a medic unit with 2 (and airpacks) and an Engine with 2 responding to a fire. Both would most likely be on scene within 5 minutes or so.

    Last year (734) was 50 calls down from the previous yr.
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    These opinions are mine and do not reflect the opinions of any organizations I am affiliated with.

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    Eastern Kentucky Univ./Stafford Va


    My house is all volunteer in a Combination system county. We run:

    ENGINE 2:1996 Pierce Dash, 750 tank, 1250 pump

    WAGON 2: 2002 Pierce Dash, 750 tank, 1250 pump

    TRUCK 2: 1999 Pierce Dash Aerial 105' stick

    BRUSH 2: 1990 ford F350XL 250 tank, 250 pump

    Chief and the Asst. Chief run suburbans

    Duty Officer runs a 1997 ford Explorer

    We ran approx. 3,500 calls in 2006 and 3,000 calls in 2007. We dropped down becuase another Engine company went in service and took some of our runs.

    We are only dispatched on fire related runs with the exception of respiratory and cardiac arrest. However we will add on to any first due medical locals.
    Wade Munday


    Fairfax County PD
    End Of Watch 5-8-2006

    Stafford Sheriffs/Stafford VFD
    End Of Watch 10-19-2007

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    wolcott,ny usa


    All Volunteer
    Clyde FD has the first all Volunteer Duty Shifts Mon - Thurs 6pm - 11pm and fri - sun Full 24 hr coverage also 24hr shifts on holidays - Driver and FF per Shift

    Our service area spans 70 square miles including the village of Clyde and the Town of Galen, making us one of the largest coverage departments in Wayne County. We provide Fire, Rescue, and EMS

    1 Chief
    4 Asst Chiefs
    3 Capts
    2 lts
    30 fully active members
    80 members total

    Enigne 49
    2005 International Pierce Contender
    Commercial Custom
    5 Man Cab
    1000 Gallons Water
    1000 GPM Pump
    30 Gallon Class A Foam
    Cutters, Spreaders, Hurst
    40 Ton Airbags
    42 inch Ram
    Haz Mat Equipment
    Spill Response
    Thermal Imaging
    Multi-Gas Meter
    EMS Equipment
    1200 5 inch LDH
    Rope Rescue
    SCBA's (6)

    Engine 48
    1999 International 4 Guys
    1250 GPM Pump
    1250 Gallon Tank
    Rear Quick Dump
    Farm Rescue
    Haz Mat Equipment
    Cutters, Spreaders, Hurst
    24 inch Ram
    1500' 5 inch LDH
    Pro-Pack Foam
    25 Gallons AFFF Foam
    GPS System
    Landing Zone Engine
    SCBA's (3)

    Engine 44
    1986 American LaFrance
    1250 Pump
    1250 Tank
    1300' 5 inch LDH
    Portable Power
    Chain Saws
    Water Pumping Equipment
    SCBA's (3)

    Rescue 2-Heavy Rescue
    1986 Salisbury Heavy Rescue
    Rear walk-in w/ front clip
    10 Man Total
    4500 PSI Cascade System
    10,000 Watt Generator
    Rope Rescue Equipment
    F.A.S.T./RIT Team Equipment
    Incident Command
    Haz Mat Equipment
    Portable Lighting
    Portable Power
    Farm Rescue Equipment
    Thermal Imaging System
    Spill Response
    Fire Police Equipment
    Rehab Equipment

    Rescue 16- Light Duty Rescue
    1995 Ford F-450
    Open/Ice Water Rescue
    2 Electric Pumps
    1 CT Trash Pump
    Honda Generator
    1st Response EMS Equipment

    Quint 3
    1992 LTI/ Spartan Chasis
    Spartan Gladiator Chasis
    450 HP Detroit Deisel
    6 Man Cab
    75' 3 Section Ladder
    6500 breathing air at top of ladder
    Full Compliment of Ground Ladders
    48000 BTU Heater/Air Conditioner
    Costom Air Ride Suspension

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    You know Homeland Security has sent out several notices to the Emergency Services Sector warning about Fire Departments listing their capabilities and manpower on websites. Might be be a good idea to keep that in mind when you post here too especially when you a specific as to your location. You can never tell just who is sizing you up...........
    Neighbors Helping Neighbors

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    Quote Originally Posted by kvfd56 View Post
    You know Homeland Security has sent out several notices to the Emergency Services Sector warning about Fire Departments listing their capabilities and manpower on websites. Might be be a good idea to keep that in mind when you post here too especially when you a specific as to your location. You can never tell just who is sizing you up...........

    Well Homeland Security has also said that terrorists are bad guys. Maybe the news agencies should take their pictures off their websites, it could be considered promoting terrorism.

    COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

    If (insert name here) the terrorist really wants to see what kind of apparatus, gear, and manpower we have, all he has to do is stop by the station and ask for a tour. I don't think that (insert terrorist organization name here) is going to be fooled or stumped by a simple problem such as not putting info on a website.

    And I know for a fact that last night at dinner their was a smoking hot blonde who was sizing me up.
    These opinions are mine and do not reflect the opinions of any organizations I am affiliated with.

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    Bossier Parrish, Louisiana


    Combo department just east of Bossier City, LA
    129 square miles. 5 stations. 1400 runs a year - 85% EMS
    Confined space/high angle rescue team for refinary.
    ALS first response.

    1 Paid Assitant Chief M-F
    3 Paid shift firefighters.
    65 Members - interior FFs, exterior FFs, support, juniors and dispatchers.

    One paid firefighter per shift. 1 part-time from qualified volunteer membership firefighter 7 days a week 7AM-PM. 2nd part-time firefighter weekends 7AM-5PM covering Asst. Chief "slot".

    Total paid staffing 7AM-5PM = 3. Paid night staffing = 1.

    Station 1
    Staffed station as above. Bunkroom capability for 5 volunteer overnight ride-out members.
    2000 Ferrera Custom Engine 1250g/1000gpm
    2001 Ferrera Custom Rescue
    2002 Light Rescue
    Brush truck
    6,0000g Tractor-Trailer Nurse Tanker
    Bossier Parish EMS Medic Unit (2 fulltime personnel)
    BPEMS Backup Unit

    Training facility w/ classroom, burn building, 4 story rescue training tower, small burn pits and smoke maze. Workout facility.

    Propane fired-training props schedukled to be added this budget year.

    Station 2
    Mobile Home housing 2 volunteers who cover station 40 hours per week in exchange for rent.
    2004 Commercial Rescue-Engine 1000g/1000gpm

    Station 3
    2003 Commercial Rescue Engine
    1993 Tanker 3000g/750gpm

    Engine 4
    Mobile Home housing 2 volunteers.
    2005 Commercial Engine 1000g/1000gpm
    Light Attack/Service Truck 300g/100gpm

    Station 5
    Mobile Home housing 2 volunteers.
    2002 Commercial Pumper-Tanker 3000g/1000gpm
    Service Truck (equipment only).

    Command 1 - Asstistant Chief's vehicle. 2007 Ford Explorer.
    Duty 1 - Duty Officer's truck and run-around vehicle. 1999 Pickup
    Public Education Utility Trailer.

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