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    Default Fitness Equipment dealers

    We are looking for a reputable dealer to work with to purchase heavy duty fitness equipment (elliptical, treadmill) for the firehouse. Looking for any advice. Thanks.

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    Cool check around

    Check other depts that might have used a vendor. Also check with local gyms. One thing to figure out is a reliable vendor who will get you good prices but also a good service record. We got a list of basic equipment that would be in all stations: dumbell racks (5-50#) adjustable bench, med balls (6,10,12#) treadmill. From there we added as funds came in (ellipticals, balance boards, stairmasters, rubber floor matting), we got the majority from fed/state grants. We initially called manufacturers and ran trials on a variety of treadmills then later elipticals. Cheaper isn't always better, with more than usual usage we looked to what the big gyms were using as a guideline. If you need anymore help let me know


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