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    Default Yet another black eye - Caught On Tape: Lewd Behavior At Firehouse


    Caught On Tape: Lewd Behavior At Firehouse
    Aug 17 2007 7:42PM

    COLUMBUS, Ohio - 10TV News received an anonymous videotape in the mail of a woman engaged in lewd behavior at a Clinton Township firehouse while firefighters watched.

    10 Investigates took the tape straight to the top and got answers.

    The following is a transcript of Penny Moore's report shown exactly the way it aired on 10TV News HD on Aug. 17, 2007 at 6 p.m.:

    PENNY MOORE: There are two main characters in this videotape. This woman who is topless in much of it, and 22-year veteran Clinton Township firefighter Lt. Doug Brown.

    LT. DOUG BROWN: (laughing)

    MOORE: The laughter is his. But throughout the three minutes on the tape, two other firefighters were identified for us by Chief John Harris. This is Kurt Dietz. He's the union president. And later, briefly, we see Chris Biasella.

    All are in uniform and on duty when the tape was made. In fact, the camera appeared to be mounted in a firetruck that was sitting right here in the Clinton Township fire station. Chief Harris says this is the little hallway where all the action took place.

    ANONYMOUS WOMAN: Oooh, I'm on videotape.

    CHIEF JOHN HARRIS/Clinton Township Fire Department: It disgusts me. It shocks me. It disgusts me, shocks me.

    MOORE: You are sure these men would have known this as inappropriate behavior?

    HARRIS: I'm positive. Why, wouldn't you?

    MOORE: Why would they do it in the fire station?

    HARRIS: I have no clue. That's our job to find out.

    LARRY WILKES/Clinton Township Trustee: I think we contact legal counsel and the prosecutor and insurance company and tell them what we have.

    MOORE: But it appears the tape was made last summer. Chris Biasella resigned in February. And Kurt Dietz was laid off about the same time.

    We called all three of the firefighters. Only Lt. Brown returned the call. He told me, basically, he didn't know what I was referring to.

    ANDREA CAMBERN: How can he can say that, when he's right there on the tape looking into the camera?

    MOORE: When I had the conversation with him on my cell phone, I was sitting in Chief Harris' office. As soon as Brown hung up on my phone, he called the chief. The chief said he'd seen the tape too and then they began talking about when the incident took place. It was a warm Wednesday, Brown remembered, so clearly he knows what this is all about.

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    Default Firefighter Responds To Video Showing Woman Strip


    Firefighter Responds To Video Showing Woman Strip
    Aug 18 2007 7:54PM

    COLUMBUS, Ohio - A Clinton Township firefighter said that there was no excuse for happened after a videotape surfaced of him, three other on-duty firefighters watching a woman strip inside their fire station.

    10TV received the video in the mail on Friday. It had been sent anonymously.

    The videotape was clear. A woman, who was not identified, was seen taking her clothes off inside the Clinton Township fire station, located on Cleveland Avenue.

    The woman was topless in much of the three minute tape shot last summer.

    Lt. Doug Brown (pictured above, right) was heard laughing on the videotape. Also on the tape was Chris Biasella, who resigned in February. Kurt Dietz was laid off at about the same time and another firefighter could not be clearly identified on the videotape.

    "I have to take responsibility for it because I was the supervisor," Brown said early Saturday.

    He said that it all started as a joke, taking a picture of the homeless woman sitting at the chief's desk with the chief not there.

    "It was not the intent of anyone there to film her taking her clothes off," Brown said.

    One firefighter was heard on the videotape telling the woman to take her shirt off. Brown admitted to 10TV News that he did not make any effort to stop what was happening.

    "There was not an effort on my part, and that's where it's my responsibility because I was a supervisor," Brown said.

    Brown insisted that that the tape was not as all as it appeared. He said that comments on the videotape that said that the woman was given a $5 dollar bill were not for stripping or doing anything sexual. Instead, Brown said the guys at the station often gave her a few bucks just to help.

    "She knows that's somewhere she can come to get five bucks to get cigarettes," Brown said. "If that's what she wants to go away and behave."

    Brown said that tape did not look good. He planned to retire next month. Instead, he announced on Friday night that he would resign effective immediately, ending his 22 years of service as a Clinton Township firefighter.

    "I feel bad for the township," Brown said. "That's a place where I (grew) up at. It's unfortunate being in the capacity of a supervisor. I didn't act differently."

    The Clinton Township fire chief and township trustees said that they were shocked by the tape and plan to launch a full investigation.

    Watch 10TV News and refresh 10TV.com for continuing coverage.

    Previous Story:

    August 17, 2007: Caught On Tape: Lewd Behavior At Firehouse

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    we also know this kind of "events"here,in french firehouses.but it was worse:they made a video about some firefighters who had sex on the trucks with women,like a porn movie.

    it was many years ago and everyone who "participate" in this special movie,was fired,plus a trial for them.
    "sauver ou périr"

    "courage et dévouement"

    2 french mottoes in french fire service.

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    What the heck is the problem?? Heck if the president can get a BJ and perform all kinds of lewd acts in his office then why can't fire fighters do the same. Heck, should we hold fire fighters to a higher standard?

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    hottrotter for president!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonnyirons2 View Post
    hottrotter for president!
    I am willing to bet my pension that this is the first time that those words have ever been spoken, typed, or thought.
    Proud East Coast Traditionalist.

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    Shes not even close to good looking
    AJ, MICP, FireMedic
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    Default Fire Chief John Harris now running scared.

    "CHIEF JOHN HARRIS/Clinton Township Fire Department: It disgusts me. It shocks me. It disgusts me, shocks me."

    If the Chief was so disgusted and shocked about the video, then why is he now under investigation for seeing the video on the night that it was made, among other things, like using a fire department vehicle to travel out of town to his girlfriend's home, (obviously w/o his old lady knowing)?

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