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    Question Mechanical Aptitude

    Does anyone know of any effective resources either online or in a book that extensively cover mechanical principles? I've done some free online tests and have studied Baron's and Norman Hall's Firefighter prep books, but am not satisfied with my mechanical ability. Thanks.


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    Go to a book store and page through McGraw-hill's ASVAB study book. It has a chapter that cover mechanical aptidude. This is what it says that the chapter covers....
    mechanical advantage, simple machines, compound machines, structural support, properties of materials, systems of pulleys, systems of gears, rotating wheels and disks, cam and cam followers, cranks and pistons, air pressure, water presure, filling and emptying tanks.

    Might be of help to you.

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    That's a great idea, thanks Matt!

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    Of all the books out there for the mechanical aptitude, the ARCO Mech. Aptitude & Spatial Relations book will give you more than you will ever need. You can find it here:

    Try this approach. Instead of taking the sample tests in the written test books cold, go to the answers in the back and go through the first time with the answers. Then you’ll know what they are looking for in the answers. It will cut your learning time. There are only so many ways they can ask a question on the same topic. You will get to the point where you can look at a question and go right to the answer. It will become scary.

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    Thanks Capt. Bob. As always, you're insight has been very helpful.

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