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    Question Internet Auction Sites ..........

    Besides Ebay are there any other good ones out there ? I thought Yahoo had one ......but havent found it. I am primarily looking for Emergency show collectibles. Thanks
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    There was a yahoo auction site, but they shut it down in the U.S., I think back in June

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    Try www.govdeals.com

    You can select "Fire truck" or a host of other categories out of a drop-down menu. It's hit and miss; sometimes it's a truck out of the junkyard that must be sold at auction to be disposed of legally. Other times you find some nice rigs at pretty reasonable prices. There are separate categories for fire equipment and ambulances, too.
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    There is a fan site for Emergency.
    I am sure that someone there would know sources for collecting memorabilia.


    Good luck.

    PS: I tried to PM you but apparently it wasn't working for a few people.
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