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    Here is a link to "ballpark" what various options may cost on a new vehicle. In the State of Ohio we have state bid vehicles. This may not be exactly what you may be looking for but it does give you and idea. Note: after you open the "contract number" open "revised contract" them scroll down to find "current pricing"

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    thanks for the link..... I like to look as these when I am bored just to compare some of the price.....

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    The Ohio State Gov web site has some very good information on the base price of fire apparatus plus options , this can be helpfull to get in the ball park of todays truck prices !.....

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    Keep in mind these are very specifically spec'd vehicles. You are allowed to add options to these bases up to a certain dollar amount. Then after that you have to cut a second PO if you go over. We just bought a new squad and this save us a ton of time not having to bid it out.
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