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Thread: Personal Escape Rope

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    Default Personal Escape Rope

    This is along the "Webbing" Thread.
    Where do you keep it, how much do you keep, and any accessories you have with it.

    I have 50 ft or 8mm in my Left pants pocket, with a biner for attachment to a tool, and a biner and figure 8 decender for attachment to my harness.

    I just had my Globe G-Xtreme speced out with an escape rope pocket on the right side. We will see how well it works.......
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    I keep multiple personal safety items on my gear at all times.

    - A bail out bag attached to my MSA harness w/ 65' of 8mm with 2 caribeners, one pre-tied and one in a munter hitch

    - R pants pocket, 22' piece of webbing tied into a hasty harness and a 7' prusik cord with caribener

    - L pants pocket, assorted tools(center punch, knife, howd strap)

    - Wire cutters in coat radio pouch (I use a NY strap for radio on the outside)

    - I have 1" webbing tied in a quick seat that is between my inner and outer shell of my pants with a truck caribener for bail outs.

    Hope this was not too much info., but I kind of take ff safety to the next level

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    At my old department,it was popular to run to the local hardware store and buy 20-30' of tubular webbing and tie a know on the ends for self rescue line.The tallest residential structure in the district was 3 stories so it would be enough in that length.
    To that homemade bit of self rescue gear,I also added a deck of Bicycle(tm) playing cards.
    If trapped beyond immediate rescue,my intention was to deal out a hand of Solitaire.Ten minutes later,someone would be tapping me on the shoulder saying, "Hey,man.I'm not sayin' nothin' but if you move that red 8 from its downpile over to that black 9,you might be able to open up the needed cards and play out your hand."
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    Quote Originally Posted by sta11capt View Post

    - I have 1" webbing tied in a quick seat that is between my inner and outer shell of my pants with a truck caribener for bail outs.
    How does that long, how do you do it, etc.? What line would you attach to for descent, and how do you store the caribeener? If possible can you post a photo of that setup, or somewhere I can see how to set it up?


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    Our R side turnout pants pocket is divided, with one section being much larger than the other. The large section on mine has 40 ft of 8mm rope through a PMI PED with a large, non-locking carabiner preattached. On the end of that rope is a figure 8 on a bight with another large, non-locking biner.

    I can lock the PED onto my airpack belt and rappel using this setup, however, I really like the idea of having a seat between the layers of your gear. I have a length of webbing tied in a water knot in the small part of that same pocket. I keep another length of webbing the same way just on the truck, for general use. I may use that for the harness.

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