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Thread: Light towers.

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    We've had Will-Burt light towers for 15 years and have them on 5 of our apparatus. The only one we've had a problems with is the Dual Pan and Tilt model, we got it the first year it came out. Since then they have re-designed it and the newer ones work fine. If you are having problems don't hesitate to call Marlin Nicol(334.684.5248)email:mnico l@willburt.com. He's been with them a long time and will do what he can for you.
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    Two of our engines have Night Scan Chief units on them, w/ two 1500 watt Appleton lights. Not bad, a few maintenance issues, occasional operator error. I'd spec them again on subsequent engines. Lots of light!

    We have a new rescue on order (due around January), and opted to try the Tempest-Fireco model. Going with a 33' heavy-duty vertical pneumatic mast, dual tilt, with four 1000 watt metal halide and two 900 watt HIR (halogen infrared) quartz lights. The HIR's put out 32,000 lumens (nearly as much as a 1500 watt standard quartz), are instant-on, and have good bulb life.

    The MH come up to full brightness in 4 or 5 minutes. MH is extremely bright (100,000+ lumens) - compare that to a 1500 watt quartz light at about 35,000 lumens.

    The Tempest folks were very helpful on the phone when spec writing, and their pricing was very attractive. I believe Fireco was a venture undertaken by Alan Saulsbury - if the light towers are anything like the trucks he used to build, they should be good stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RFDACM02 View Post
    Maybe someone with experience with Command Lights can chime in here. We were leaning toward the Commande Light for our new Rescue pumper, but after seeing how much the thing weighed and rocked the stand it was mounted to at a show, we were a little skeptical. The Willburt towers seemed to move smoother and cause much less torque on the mounts. I figured the Command light would end up tearing the holes or loosening the bolts that hold it down, over time. Thoughts, comments, issues?
    A few departments by me have Will-Burt towers so I have seen them in action. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has a Command Light tower.

    Also, does anyone know any departments in Northern NJ that have a Command Light tower?


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