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    Default Transfer Question

    I'm not a probie. I've been on for about six years, but I'll be honest, I don't know the answer to this question and this is a stupid question that a probie would probably ask...

    I'm certified FF I & II. I'm from Minnesota, but if I wanted to get a job lets say in... Florida or anywhere else in the USA, would my FF I & II make me qualified and able to move to another state and work? Or would I have to do all my FF training all over again if moving to another state?

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    It really depends on the state you are attempting to work in. For example my FF1 transfered from CA to NV. Since here in NV I have received my FF2. But from what I hear my FF2 won't be able to transfer back to CA.

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    BKDRAFT is right. Not in California...we don't accept anyone else's certs, period.
    You might be able to demonstrate skills equivalency and have a California dept sign off a CSFM FF1 training record for you...but good luck on that score. Pretty much the accepted way to get an FF1 in CA is an SFM-accredited Fire Academy.

    PS--I like the shirt, BK...only one minor little problem though. What happens if you're a Volunteer "Big Dog"?
    My opinions might coincide with someone of importance's POV... I wouldn't know, since I never bothered to ask. My policy is: "Don't ask, don't care."

    IACOJ--West Coast PITA

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    Some cases it is not a state issue but a dept. issue. Some department's dont care how many years you have in else where or if you have I & II. They want you to go through their rookie school. It veries from state to state, dept. to dept.

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    Default florida

    florida doesnt accpet any certs emt medic or fire you can challange the state and take the written and practical again they do this often at florida state fire college in ocala along w/ a 3 day course for brushing up on how it is suppsed to be done

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