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    Question Greek Wildland Firefighters

    In light of the devastating wildfires currently affecting Greece, I wonder what, if any, wildland fire training is in place and also, do they have wildfire organizations devoted to this type of firefighting? Is it left up to the state and local firefighters?

    Any information would be appreciated!
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    Default Training

    This is not just a fire fighter situation but a total lack of appreciation by the Greek population and what is required is massive education of the population. We have similar problems in Australia. Some states do a really good job ie Victoria and others ie the ACT Canberra do a very poor job.

    The population needs to realise -
    1. Wildfires will happen again so do not be surprised when it happens.
    2. If you have hundreds of fire trucks and thousands of houses involved do not expect to see a fire truck. The odds are not with you.
    3. If fleeing a fire do it early, long before you see flames.
    4 You are better in a house than in a car or in the open. Radiant heat kills.
    5. Dress appropriately. Radiant heat kills.
    6. Prepare before the summer. Remove or reduce vegetation 100' from dwellings.
    7 Remove ignition sources and seal access points for sparks around buildings.

    Of course what I am saying is what you already realise is like sucking eggs and it is common sence in the US, Australia and elsewhere. (except for Canberra and Greece)

    Comments on the international news do nothing to emphasize the basics. Seeing firefighters dressed in full urban gear including BA does not fill me with confidence. Complaints of lack of fire trucks also emphasizes the total lack of reality by Joe public.

    Proper education of the general population is required.
    Fire crews need to be trained in wildfire suppression and take advantage of opportunities and gain real experience when situations elsewhere in world occur as it may be another 20 years before these conditions reoccur.
    These views are my own and not of either my brigade or any other organisation.

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