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    Smile Art of Reading Smoke

    I wanted to let everyone know that Brian Vickers will be one of the guest speakers at the Blackhawk Firefighter's Annual Conference in Dixon, Illinois on 01/05/08. Brian will cover the topic of funding and grant writing. Also, Dave Dodson will be another speaker at this conference, and he will be the speaker for the cource called-"Art of Reading Smoke". More information is available at the following website: bffa.net.
    Please contact me with any questions at jeff725@insightbb.com.

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    I have taken Dodson's Art of Reading Smoke class. It was a very informative and very interesting class. Recomend it to all!

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    The Art of Reading Smoke was a great class given by Dave Dodson. The only thing I would suggest is MORE VIDEOS.

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    The Art of Reading Smoke is one of the best classes you will ever take in your career. If you think you know it all now, take the class and really find out.

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    Dodson's class is awesome and well worth the time. Provides some great info to help you gauge what level of fire you're dealing with and what's involved, which will help to gauge how much water you need. (Not a catch all, but great information just the same).

    Relates to another thread about line selection, which reading smoke and other conditions should guide. Just a can, or an OH! a booster (very much has it's place), 1 3/4", 2 1/2", etc.

    Really drives it home, if you can't gauge how much water you need on a situation, you shouldn't be in the seat.

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