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    I'm trying to find out which departments use the NFPA 1582 for their medical standards in hiring a FF. I'm using it as part of my defense in my medical appeals case (hearing loss), because the city doctor doesn't believe it is a credible enough standard. I far exceed the NFPA 1582 standard and hopefully if I find more Departments that use it, the better I've got in my case. The NFPA website has no such list with the departments who use 1582, so I'm trying to ask all the firefighters out there who may have any information. Thanks.

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    I've only found that Phoniex AZ follows it.

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    Charlotte Fire Department does

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    I'll try and point you in the right direction. Look at job postings for firefighters. I've seen several over the years that specify the candidate must meet the requirements of 1582. The department I came from used it and I had a full 1582 compliant physical that was thorough enough that I think they counted the freckles on my face.

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    The doctor is correct. NFPA 1582 is not a credible enough standard. There are many many flaws in it and loop holes the doctors can use to fail you. Basically just because they feel like it.

    However no matter what that standard says. The doctor needs to be able to prove you are a risk on the fireground. NFPA also as a big disclaimer at the front of it. Saying it is still the depts responsibility to follow applicable law.

    In an appeal I wouldn't worry about which fire depts follow it or not. Many depts can decide to hold a higher standard. Again they still have to follow applicable law and have to prove you are a risk on the fireground and you also happen to meet the national standard.

    I can go a little more into detail if you PM me.
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