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Thread: Tankers

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    Default Tankers

    Hello everyone has anyone on here recently taken delivery of a tanker especially near NC? We are looking at something between 2000-3000 gallons if anyone has taken delivery of one I would like to have any information you can give on it.


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    Take a look at Fouts Bros. website. They are located in Georgia and seem to have a couple of different tanker packages, at a very decent price. I spoke to Travis down there a few months ago about a tanker we are in the process of planning.

    I am not a representative of this company & have 0 interest in the company!

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    Default Consider DANKO

    We took delivery of a DANKO tanker earlier this year. They are based out of Nebraska and are right beside the Smeal factory. Excellent design, good quality, best value for the dollar from all the proposals we received. Their website is www.danko.net .

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    Fouts Bros. does make a nice, economical tanker. I was checking out a 3000 gallon/ 1250 GPM at a barn fire yesterday.

    4 Guys has several down your way:






    And no, I do not represent them. I just believe that they build a high quality rig and noticed they have several in NC.

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    My department has experience with both 4-Guys and Fouts Bros tankers.

    I would have to say that the 4-Guys tankers are much nicer by far! The stainless bodies they build are top notch. I believe they will far outlast the chassis they are mouted on.

    We originally ordered 5 tankers from 4-Guys then because of ISO and water supply concerns we ordered an additional 4 or 5 tankers from Fouts Bros. We ordered the low cost ones from Fouts Bros to stretch the most we could out of the remaining money in the bond.

    Our Fouts Bros tankers are very similar to this one:
    Notice where the side dumps are on the T-shaped poly tank. When dumping from the side you are left with 600-700 gallons in the lower T portion of the tank because they are placed too high! Isn't that just stupid?!?!?!

    Our 4-Guys tankers are similar to this one exept ours also have side dumps:

    In the end, I would recommend spending the extra money and get a quality tanker. Seriously, what company in their right mind will install a side dump on a tanker and yet plumb it so that you cannot even dump a full load?
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    I can't believe they actually pay me to do this!!!

    One friend noted yesterday that a fire officer only carries a flashlight, sometimes prompting grumbling from firefighters who have to lug tools and hoses.
    "The old saying is you never know how heavy that flashlight can become," the friend said.
    -from a tragic story posted on firefighterclosecalls.com

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    Ours came from deep south in SC 3900 gal. freighliner 750 pump

    looking for the site........


    here it is!

    JOHN 15:13

    ISAIAH 43:2

    1st Asst. Chief Ray Johns


    Marion Volunteer Fire Department

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    Thanks for the replies alot of great information so far if anyone else has any please feel free to share.

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    Content deleted by author.
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    As always spec what you need not what you want. But also keep in mind the future. There are several things to look at when specing a tanker. ie: pump tank capacity compartment space for lose equipment drop tanks etc. The easiest way I have found to spec a truck is to sit down as a committee and come up with a now needs a 5 years from now needs and then wants. Once you have come up with that list call any company that sells fire trucks and have them help you type up a bid. The bid shouldnít cost you anything. Usually if say you have two pierce fire trucks call the pierce rep for you area and he will help you write the spec. Ask for the bid to be non brand name specific except for things like your pump and what not. You want to try and keep the same style off pump on all of the trucks for ease of service and repair. Then find five or six fire truck vendors and send them the specs. Donít go with the low bid unless the meet your specs completely. Compare specs of what each company can do to the price. A few companies might not bid, donít be discouraged. Some companies might be able to meet your specs for thousands above another company that canít meet say one or two of your specs. I hope all of this helps and as always spec what you need now and 5 years from now not necessarily what you want. Also donít buy a name just because itís a name buy the truck you want. Maybe it will be a big brand name. There are just too many companies out there that sell fire trucks.

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    Red Oak Community Rural Fire Department, Inc

    Pitt County, NC

    Type: Tanker

    Built by: Rosenbauer
    Chassis: Freightliner

    Engine: MBE900 300hp

    Pump: Darley

    GPM: 500

    Gallon Capacity: 1,800

    Special Features: 2,100 gallon Drop Tank Rack Enclosed, flushed Q2B siren, Rosenbauer three-way swivel dump.

    Click photo for a closer look

    Chief: Chad Singleton
    Sold By: Bennie Mobley

    Go to www.cwwilliamsfire.com and look at the new deliveries. This is just one of the tankers shown there. If you go to the web site you also get pictures of the units.

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