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    Red face Questions about Joining the FDNY

    Hi, I'm a 16 yr old Junior Firefighter From Northern NJ. Once i graduate High School i have entertained the notion of Moving to the city and Joining the FDNY. My uncle was a Fire Chief in Roslyn, and fire fighting has always been my dream. I was wondering what anyone knows about Joining the FDNY and getting into FDNY proby school. Do you have to live in the city? Have any school requirements(for instance i have herd to be a cop you have to now have a bachelors)? Any information you have to help would be greatly appreciated as this is my first time on this forum. Thanks for your time, ive been spending all day looking up the FDNY on google and only finding news reports haha. Thanks again.

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    In order to sign up for the FDNY written exam you must be 17 and a half and if you pass it then you will be put on a waiting list and once you are called then you go to proby school which is now 6 months and in order to go into proby school and become a firefighter you have to be 21. As for the school requirements i think the city lowered the requirement to a High School deploma and 6 months working experience. Also you have to be a resident of the five boroughs or Westchester County.Hey maybe we'll be in the same proby class. Good Luck

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