I came across this is while I was researching a career change. Ive been lurking about for a few months now and reading as much as I can , and I'd like to say ya'll have got a great place with tons of good info . So I wanted to jump in a introduce myself and ask a bunch of questions. Ive been considering a career change for some time now , and I 36 have decide to make that leap of faith (seems kind of late in life to make this kind of decision but I think its well founded). That being said I am about to start me EMT-B class this month with Fire School in Feb and an eye on Dive Search And Rescue in the near future. My background in terms of making this transition is kind of limited, however my hobby(if you can call it that)/other job for the past 7-8 years has been training FD diver from Open Water to Advanced Search and rescue (including Full-Face Mask , Surface Supplied Air, Dry Suits , Swift Water Training Over head environment and Recovery and have worked on a Volunteer basis as a Sar-tech )I hold instructor ratings as an Infant/Child First Aid /CPR/BLS and AED and am reasonably fit . All that being said my question is " What makes a good candidate for a career Fire Fighter ?" Now Ive been able to ask this question to a lot of the officers that have come through the classes but wanted to ask here where no one has to pass the class (haha).

Thanks in advance and sorry for such a long first post.