Ok guys here goes.

My department is a relatively poor department and we unfortunately are one of the departments that our community only thinks about when we are needed. Hence we do not have the money to buy a chassis to build a rescue on a heavier chassis.

Most of the parts we need to build the truck itself we have either salvaged off of other vehicles we have replaced or our members have and will donate. I currently have a standard cab 1 ton Chevy chassis and will mosy likely soon have a utility body that I am going to modify by making the compartments deeper. luckily myself and a few other members of our department are talented fabricators.

Before anyone says it isn't big enough, we have a heavy rescue less than 15 minutes away, but we want a fast attack rescue so to speakand we need to get some weight off our engine which is seriously overloaded at this point. We only need to carry our hydraulics tools, hand tools, air bags, some cribbing, a couple of stabilization jacks, and possibly a cascade system. I think I have everything worked out but want some input from everyone else . If i have to I can fabricate a new utility body out of 6061 aluminum since it is 1/4 weight of steel.