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    Angry Political party leaders recieving full honours funurals

    We in South Africa have got a serious thing starting one of the ruling political parties are burying all of their leading members (that isn't even employed by the fire service they work for different departments in the town council) that dies with full honor fire service funerals and we can't do anything about it because we are being threatened to be fired if we resist to participate. We have been fighting this thing for 2 years now we have at last had enough we are resisting in full now.
    We refuse to do the funerals and we all have been issued with writing warnings and it states clearly that if we resist again we would be fired. The specific party we are talking about here are the only party to do this not one of the other political parties force us or even ask us to do that. Please raise your opinions here because we went to the press so that the public be made aware of what is happening. And by you guys expressing yourself we can make our stand a stronger one. We luckily have got the backing of one of the opposition parties now, so please help us in our cause to protect the traditions
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