your opinions please, and contact your state DOH to encourage them to add this.
FEDERAL CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECKS For every ems provider? Question is should States be allowing certifications to EMS personnel with a criminal background? As professionals in the field we are trusted by everyone, looked up to respected, the public knows when they are in need of help they can pick up the phone and dial 911... We are there to help in their time of need, in their time of distress, the ambulance and or fire apparatus pulls up to their home and the crew gives a brief knock and Walk-IN the individual homeowner does not know us or about our history if we have a criminal background, they just let us in their home trusting we are well trained and trustworthy, in a non-cynical term We are their Hero’s at that moment in time. As parents raise their children they tell them " if your ever lost go to a policemen or firefighter" on the Beaches of South Carolina there are even signs child lost got to the life guard (Emt or Medic) Yet in the last century there has been an increase in the reports of criminals whom are in EMS, IE: Paramedic assaults Patient while alone in rig, or any one of the listed news posts below in just a few quick searches thousands turned up reported cases of EMS personnel whom were convicted of crimes either on or off duty more importantly several showed the accused had a criminal record prior to employed by Fire or Ems agency. Why well most fire or ems agency never did a background checks or they just have a small question on the application form check here if you committed a felony. Do they actually think a person is going to check that box honestly and say yes, if they raped, forged checks or other crimes is marking that box really going to be a truthful moment in their life.. Most likely not.
I for one as an advanced provider for several years have become disgusted with the companies and states that are not checking this closely, As soon as a person is caught of a despicable act people around say oh well what do you expect their just a medic.. Or just a firefighter it immediately devalues and discredits the rest of us that work our whole lives to maintain an honorable and respectable reputation. Last year in Texas I recall an unspeakable act of a so called ems worker he had a teenaged female alone in the back of the rig, he removed her top to place the monitor leads... ok we all have... but this Idiot leans down and licks her nipples, does he think she is not going to report it... not sure of all details other than it made news for several states across the southwest area, making the ems a laughing stock every day it hits the papers or news, as did all of the cases listed below.
I think as Respectable Ems providers we should be demanding the States and or Nation Mandate all ems applications to even take the class first responder and above have a FEDERAL BACKGROUND CHECK ... NREMT... step up and Block this type of repeated situations and mandate a Federal background check, every state same thing to anyone requesting refresher or reciprocity to your State. An applicant can go to any Police station and request the Fingerprint ID be completed and sent directly to the requesting office at the applicant’s expense it is approximately $ 7.00 or about. Small cost for knowing the people representing the highly trusted field of work. If we are our patients advocate, we are supposed to have the communities best interest in mind then should we not be standing up for this to be initiated immediately. As well I personally do NOT want to be working with a convicted criminal theft rape or otherwise. I have found in recent months an EMT-B that works in same company as myself, representing the same company same line of work yet has a federal criminal background, as well as a local criminal record, not small history but in a varied areas enough to know they have not changed just hides it better and yet this person at work lies non stop, it has become a laughing matter at work that you can not believe a word this person says, yet she is still allowed to be certified in the ems division, more so as an instructor, AHA CPR instructor. And I have to work with this sack of.... I am supposed to pretend to students that I respect this type yet we teach ethics and morals to every class knowing we are not holding others to the same rules. So I asked the person I am a very Bold Yankee from NY, so I want this individual to be aware I know of their history and I asked how is it your able to be certified in the "Everything is better in ..State" knowing that they have a law in place for the Background checks, she said she signed a waiver that she won’t commit a crime. Ok is that not the normal way of life to not commit crimes instead now we have lowered our standards to signing a waiver?
[L=Text]Emergency Medical Services Rule 157.37 [/L]


Background checks, information verification and suitability checks may be performed prior to any license modification. The modified license will replace the previous EMS license. § 12VAC5-31-1230 addresses staffing/ personnel requirements that may require licensure modifications.
Chicago: Question... Did he have criminal history? Did the dept ever even check the background to know?
Paramedic charged in slaying of woman
Author: Phillip J. O'Connor
Date: March 11, 1989
Publication: Chicago Sun-Times
A Fire Department paramedic was charged Friday with murder in the death of a 35-year-old woman found strangled March 3 near Libertyville.
.. Dropped his paramedic hat, bearing his department number, near the woman's body, said State Police Commander Robert Johnson.

Rescuer accused of jewel theft
Tipster: Paramedic took rings Thompson stole from victim
December 9, 1989
As Eugene F. Thompson Jr. lay dying at the end of his March 23 suburban crime rampage, a paramedic allegedly stole a set of wedding rings that Thompson had just taken from a rape victim. Investigators only recently learned about the theft through a tip from a relative of the paramedic, who tended to Thompson at the end of a 10-hour crime spree. Thompson, 20, had just killed two women, raped another and wounded three men, before turning an MAC-11 automatic pistol on himself outside an Arapahoe

The Washington Post
Edition: FINAL
Section: Metro
Paramedic Charged With Assaulting Boy
A paramedic in Alexandria's fire department has been charged with sexually
assaulting a 15-year-old Henrico County boy he met in an Internet chat
room, police said yesterday.
Walter "Roy" Tuthill, a shift supervisor in the department's EMS Division
who lives near Fredericksburg, started talking with the youth in an America
Online chat room, said Henrico County Detective Ed Kopacki. The boy wanted
advice, and Tuthill insisted on meeting right away, about 3 a.m. near the
boy's ...
Chicago Sun-Times
Date: September 15, 2004
Author: Dan Rozek
Once saluted as a hero for saving a young girl's life after a car crash, former paramedic Earl Burney was sentenced Tuesday to 4 1/2 years in prison for sexually assaulting the same girl..
a one-time Hanover Park fire district paramedic, was ordered imprisoned for criminal sexual assault.
Some rescuers pose threat: Substance abuse rises among paramedics in California, putting the public at risk.
..Paramedic Michael Carey, high on drugs and in desperate need of money, arrived at the accident scene on a highway near Modesto to find a 72-year-old woman in the car, bloody and unconscious. Searching for identification in her purse, Carey came across the thousands Cleotilda Maria Arroyo had saved to purchase a house in Mexico -- a powerful temptation for a man whose struggles with alcohol, pills and bills.
of the Journal Sentinel staff
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
Saturday, April 8, 2000
Ex-paramedic gets 15 days in jail for drug charge
Misdemeanor stems from possession of anti-anxiety drug
Author: Michael N. Westley The Salt Lake Tribune
Page: B8
Publication: Salt Lake Tribune
Springville volunteer paramedic charged with rape
Date: June 19, 2003
Bret MacArthur worked his way into a position of trust with a nearby family in Springville in order to have sexual relations with their 16-year-old daughter, according to police. MacArthur, 33, was charged in 4th District Court with four felony counts of rape,
Forcible sodomy and forcible sexual abuse, according to court documents. MacArthur worked as a volunteer paramedic for Springville Ambulance and lived near the victim's family, police said.
The girl's...
Philadelphia Inquirer
January, 2007
Author: Kathleen Brady Shea

..Paramedic whose employers included Uwchlan Ambulance and Brandywine Hospital was held for trial in two sex-related cases. The charges against Timothy Brian Kauffman, 39, of Coatesville, include rape, attempted involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, and furnishing liquor to a minor. An investigation of the initial case led to the discovery of a sex video and charges in a second case