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    Lightbulb Need a blue light

    I just re-entered the fire service after have been in for 10 years. I gave my blue light away (shame cause it was a nice one) and I am looking for something reasonible. Anyone have one? I am in the upstate region of NY

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    I can get you a good deal on LED Blue lights what are you looking for as far as dash grill lightbar ect and price range

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    Default Me too.

    I'm from upstate NY too and am looking for a blue light. Interested in a dash light. Have been looking at the Whelen talon. What can you do?

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    I can you guys MX-7000's all light bars if you want.
    They are 2-3 years old, have 5 rotating lights, 2 sets of flashers, one front one rear. The way I get them set up is with 2 blue front flashers, and driver side rear amber flasher, passenger side blue. 2 take downs, 2 alleys, no sweeps, can also get a 6 function switch box for the bar lights.
    The light bars are in like new to very good condition with brand name (code 3) new blue lenses. LED modules I can get but there about the same price as Galls, except they are 4 8mm LED's instead of the previous 3 5mm. 16 patterns. Can get dash LED lights too.
    all I want is assurance you have a blue light card, or are authorized to run them (Iím a trusting guy, just tell me if you are allowed to have them, I donít want to find I sold a fully loaded MX to a 16 year old explorer to put on his mom's minivan.) PM if anyone is interested


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    Northern,NY (St.Lawrence County)

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