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    My younger brother was informed yesterday that he will be deployed for a year long (at least) tour to Afghanistan from October 1st. He's a Territorial Army (Like the National Guard), combat medic attached to a specialist unit of the army. Needless to say my mother and sister are no beside themselves with worry, and I have to say given that the reports from the media paint this area as more dangerous that parts of Iraq, I'm more than a little concerned myself.

    I know that there are many of us here with relatives and friends "over there" and I'm hoping you can keep a good thought in mind for Phil as well as you and yours. Cheers.
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    Hey Martin, you know it Buddy. Best wishes to Phil on a safe and (hopefully) mostly uneventful tour.
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    My thoughts and prayers are with you Martin, as with all those who are over there..God Bless.

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    Well,if you want to go by statistics,he's got a really good chance at coming home unscathed.
    No matter where a soldier,sailor or airman is sent in the sand box,people are going to worry for their safety.It's just human nature.
    Here's hoping that your brother comes home safely with all his team mates around him.

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