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    Default Lowlife Redefined

    Good Samaritan Becomes Theft Victim
    Thief Steals Purse While Woman Helps At Crash Scene

    DES MOINES, Iowa -- It's a case of stealing like Polk County Sheriff's detectives have never seen before. It happened at the scene of a fatal crash this week.

    On Wednesday, a Colfax man was killed in a crash.

    What happened next was not an accident, and detectives are determined to find out who did something bad to a Good Samaritan.

    "We come up on this accident," said Lorrie Ault. "We pulled over like good citizens, and we went over to help with what we could."

    Ault and her husband, Jerry, both have CPR and first aid training. They put it to use after they happened upon a crash that took the life of Thomas Porter, of Colfax, and injured his wife, Pamela Porter, and two others.

    A half-hour after arriving and helping, the Aults had done everything they could.

    "We drive off and it's like, 'My purse is gone, my purse is gone," Ault said. "It was on the floor board right there."

    While Ault was helping victims, she was victimized by a purse thief. Someone stole the purse with her debit card inside.

    The person who stole the money card drove down the street to a convenience store so they could use the card.

    While the Aults were still at the crash scene, the thief used her debit card at a gas pump, charging $31 worth of gas on her card. The purse also had Ault's late grandmother's picture ID in it, and losing that upsets her the most.

    "Somebody stopped to do the right thing and somebody took advantage of them," said Neil Shultz, Polk County assistant chief deputy.

    "Some lowlife stole my purse out of my car when we was assisting at an accident -- a fatal one at that," Ault said.

    "We've redefined lowlife, as far as I'm concerned," Shultz said.

    Detectives plan to look through video from squad car cameras at the crash scene to see if the Aults' car is within camera range. If so, that video may reveal the thief.
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    it is unbelievable but yes,it happens,and more often than you think.
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    As horrible as it is, it's not at all surprising. I hope they catch who did it.

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    Lowlife is not the term I would use. The punishment can't be servier enough in my book.
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    Talking lowlife

    That was my father in law, mother in law and husband in one of the vehicles. What Lorrie and Jerry did was above and beyond Good Samaritan. As an update they did catch the piece of crap that took her purse, but she still has to pay for a good part of the charges. She couldn't prove she didn't make them. That is our world. But I am so happy and grateful to Lorrie and Jerry for everything they tried to do. My father in law passed away at the accident site. Their was nothing they could of down short of a miracle. He was to badly broken up. They were T-boned by a man doing 85 miles per hour. He never even tried to slow down. Their was no hope for my father in law. But what they did for my mother in law and husband will stay with us forever. You will always be in our prayers and in our hearts and don't let one dirtbag change your out look on life. We need more people like you guys and less people like the scumbag.

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