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    Default steel truss construction

    Any one know where i can get gog's for operations in buildings with steel truss construction?

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    Try this report from NIOSH Partial Roof Collapse in Commercial Structure Fire Claims the Lives of Two Career Fire Fighters - Tennessee Kind of scary reading this report 4 years later.....

    For example, truss systems can fail quickly after being exposed to fire. Steel has no fire resistance and will fail when heated to temperatures that are routinely attained by fire. An unprotected steel-bar joist can collapse after five to ten minutes of exposure to fire. The temperature at which steel fails is 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit can be reached within the first five minutes of a fire, and 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit can be attained within 10 minutes.
    Here is another resource Preventing Injuries and Deaths of Fire Fighters Due to Truss System Failures
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