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    Default Question About Barrier 1 Gloves

    I purchased a pair of Ringers Barrier 1 gloves for extrication, and have found them to always bunch up in the fingers preventing a proper fit. I finally yanked out the inner linings to eliminate this, and others in my department are wanting to do the same.

    What I am looking for is any tips or modifications which can be done to the glove that won't negate the inner linings and turn a pair of $60 gloves back into a pair of $30 gloves.

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    I have the same gloves and gt the same results. I've even called Ringers and complained only to get a new pair of gloves for free and no options to resolve the problem. It's definately a manufacturer design flaw in my opinion.

    What I found was that if I wear a size smaller than normal, I get a good fit. However, if I wear them for any prolonged time, I get the "bunching" again, especially if my hands sweat too much.

    I would definately not recommend removing the inner liner simply because if you get "exposed" to anything and a report is made, they (investigators, insurance, department) may ask why you modified the glove; disregarding the manufacturers design and recommendations.

    The only other option for barrier protection is to wear a regular medical glove under the Ringers regular (yellow / black) extrication glove. This sounds cheap but it works.

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    i wear just a medical glove under a regular mechanics glove, nothin fancy.

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    I too noticed the same problem with the gloves.

    Here is what I found to work:

    #1. It goes without saying, but they definately fit better as they become broken in.

    #2. I roll up the wristlet prior to putting them on. It has been working that way for about 6 months now without anymore problems.

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    Default Drop em

    I too was sucked into the "wow that sounds like a good idea". My Barrier gloves are coming to the end of their life span and I am reverting back to nitriles under a set of good old fashion extrication gloves. I never liked the lack of dexterity. Even after they were broken in they never felt right. Ringers needs to ditch them and start over.
    There's 2 cents from me.
    Good luck.

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    Just wondering if ringer has addressed the issue if the gloves bunching up when you sweat. Looking at getting a pair.

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    I've got a pair and don't believe they've taken any steps to address the issue. Another problem we've found is you're not able to feel a patient's pulse with them on, requiring you to remove them to do this skill. Wearing rubber/nitrile gloves underneath works, but you've just contaminated your rescue gloves if you put them back on without removing the rubber/nitrile gloves first.

    The only "trick" I've managed in getting them off without bunching the liner up is to pull them off slowly, one finger at a time while I hold the finger tip of the glove with my opposite hand. This is about the only thing that seems to have worked in preventing the issue.

    Nice gloves, just wish they had sewn the tips in.

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