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    Default SCBA Fill Station

    Our department is going to be purchasing an SCBA 2 position containment fill station. Does anyone have any experiences (good and bad) they can share with me with certain brands?


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    There's another thread on here about this.

    We've had Bauer and Mako and been happy with both. Check on the company that will be servicing it though.
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    We currently use the Mako... It's a very nice unit, pretty easy to use, and it's not too awful big. (Ours is kept in an enclosed trailer.)

    The only problem we have with ours, is that the sliding door triggers a fill switch when it closes. Well, if the door doesn't close all the way, and STAY closed, it won't fill. We have asked our service person about it and from what I understand, there's nothing they can do. Apparently the fill switch has been replaced, but to no avail, the problem still exists. I kind of wonder if there was a problem when the cabinet was fabricated, and it was compounded when the rest of it was assembled. I dunno... I haven't looked at it real close.

    Overall, I would say that our FD likes it...

    Too bad we have to use a bungee cord to keep the damn door shut!
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    We have an Eagle Air (Scott) Revolve Air fill station, we love it. Its nice feature is you can hook up the next two cylinders while two are filling. It really cuts down the fill time.

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    We had a Breathing Air system. It was adequate. We now have a Scott Revolvair and the Mako compressor. WE have a similar setup on the area rescue truck. This system is the cats ***.
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    Our department has a Mako system with a compressor connected to a two bottle fill station which is also connected to a 5 bottle cascade. We normally just use the cascade system for filling bottles. So far no problems with any of it and very simple to use.
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