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    Default Sutphen tower problem

    Anyone have issues with their Sutphen tower, specifically the electrical connections between the chassis and the turntable?

    Ours had problems in 2003 (truck was 11 years old then), which we had repaired at the factory - very expensive repair, $13K+. Now it appears to have similar problems just 4 years later. The 120 volt circuit to the tower keeps tripping, and the high-idle is stuck on.

    It is a 1992 mid-mount 95' tower, low miles and hours.

    Anyone experiencing similar problems? E-mail me at raricciuti@yahoo.com
    R.A. Ricciuti
    Mt. Lebanon Fire Department

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    Do yourself a favor and call Jeff Miller or Mark Hackney at Sutphen Towers@ 1-800-343-2712. I am very certain they can help you out. Tim

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    We have a 2004 Sutphen 104' stick. We have had several turntable electrical problems and ongoing electrical problems with other components both 12v and 110v. Most of them get fixed and come back within a few days. A neighboring city runs almost all Sutphen and usually has one out of service at any given time.

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