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    Lightbulb "Hire Through Rate" ? ?

    Hey all

    Was wondering if you could help me out with a thought process I've been chewing over . . .

    Right now I'm currently on a hiring list with my local department, I don't want to say what place I am.The department (if they follow their track record) will probably start handing out offers in the beginning of 08.

    So for "theories" sake lets just say the department will hire 20. so lets take the top 20 guys off that list, well common sense would say that not every single person on the top of a list WILL get hired. Maybe they have taken another job, or are injured, or have moved . . . etc . .etc . . .

    So I guess I'm just wondering, what do you guys think the "average" hire through rate is ? I'm guessing it could be as low as 50 % ? I'm also thinking that the FURTHER down the list you go, the lower the rate would drop, maybe even down to 30-40% ?

    Discuss ? ?


    Im sort of a newbie, so im not claiming to know anything, Im just curious what the rest of you think ? ?

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    Default You never can tell

    The rate of people weeded out during any part of the hiring process has to do with two things. The requirements of the department, how high they set the bar, and who applies for the positions.

    Some departments set the bar high in every category, written, physical, oral interview, and then the background. Others want as many people to get through the process so they can have the biggest pool of people to select from.

    If the department has a watered down testing process then there will most likely be a lot of people on the list that won’t cut it. But when the test and the requirements are tough, needing EMT, F/F1, paramedics, a lot more will be “hirable”.

    Find someone that was in the last group they hired and see how many made it through then. You could probably see a similar result this time.

    But the place someone has on the list doesn’t indicate if they will be hired or what kind of firefighter they will be, just how well they do on a test. The one thing in your favor, however, is that with the hiring being delayed until next year others may have taken jobs elsewhere. It has been my experience, that when someone figures out how to do well on a test they start getting offers from every place they apply.

    If there is a chief’s interview coming up for you I hope you are preparing for it. It is very common for them to call in more than they want to hire and give the final interview. A lot of times the people don’t go into the interview by their number, but as a group. If they are hiring 20 and call in 25, it would not be unusual for the person that was 25 to come out number one.

    Good Luck, Capt Rob
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