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    Wow... all the insults baggin' on the old man. He was 81 years old for pete's sake. Old folks make mistakes, like put on too much aftershave, not think about it and go and try and cook everyone breakfast. But hey i dont see what is to be gained for slammin' the old fella.

    Now with that said, it sucks he got burnt, but i just chalk it up to one of those things.

    I just hope others learn from his mistake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MalahatTwo7 View Post
    As I understand it, the McD's coffee thing got overturned and in the end no money was paid because no "reasonable person would have expected HOT coffee to be other than HOT coffee" and that appropriate precautions would be expected.
    My friend, you understand it incorrectly. She had her lawsuit knocked down 20% due to personal responsibility; 160,000 was paid in compensatory damages, with 2.7 million in punitive damages (the 2.7 million was later reduced to $480,000), with the judge calling McD's actions "reckless, callous and willful".

    If my basic HazMat training has taught me nothing else, it's that if you see a glowing green monkey running away from something, follow that monkey!


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    Quote Originally Posted by MalahatTwo7 View Post


    You are so very correct, Sapphyre, but then that would have required that the individual use Common Sense (aahhemmm) and apparently it was lacking either on the day in question or overall in personality.
    WOOHOO!! What do I get?!

    Am I the only one that finds common sense isn't so common? Some people are not all that acquainted with it.

    Don't get me wrong. I feel for the woman. Hey, I'm a woman too...and I wouldn't wanna get burned with coffee... um...where she did

    I do have a few things to add. First of all...duh! cupholder! And another thing... what kind of thermal insulation did those cups have to where she couldn't feel that amount of heat when taking the coffee? It gave her 3rd degree burns so it was bound to be hot. If those cups insulate that well, y'all need to give up turnouts and start using them...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcaldwell View Post
    Standard operating procedure for lawyers. Up here you have three years to file, and you wait as long as possible. Part of my job is risk management for the ski hill, and we never see a suit until the last month of eligibility.

    The longer you wait to file, the better your odds of:

    -Witnesses moving on and not being available to testify.
    -Evidence, internal investigations, and paperwork being lost.
    -Your own side has more time to investigate and turn up repeat incidents or useful evidence (including now-disgruntled employees).
    -New managment who is unprepared to defend the old case, and is willing to settle to "Make it go away".

    Holy crap. Sneaky, them lawyers.

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