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    Question I Am Curious

    Exactly who laid these charges/allegations in the first place? You'll see where my question comes in a few sentences...

    Chief Charged In Firefighter Fund Theft $900 Missing From Fund For Ill Firefighter

    POSTED: 10:13 am EDT September 14, 2007
    UPDATED: 10:55 am EDT September 14, 2007

    TRAFALGAR, Ind. -- The chief of Trafalgar's volunteer fire department was arrested on suspicion of stealing hundreds of dollars donated to one of his ill firefighters, a prosecutor said.

    Authorities said Tony Napier is accused of stealing money from a fundraising drive that he spearheaded for a firefighter who suffered a brain aneurysm.

    The money was meant to offset the firefighter's medical bills, WRTV-TV in Indianapolis reported.

    The drive raised more than $1,200, Johnson County Prosecutor Lance Hamner said.

    "About $360 went to the family, and (Napier) is alleged to have kept $900 for himself," Hamner said.

    Napier, 37, was arrested on a theft charge. He doesn't dispute that some of the money is missing, but he blames a bank for the problem, authorities said.

    The ill firefighter's son, Joe Abbott, who also is a Trafalgar volunteer firefighter, said he refuses to believe the worst about his chief. He said Napier "was one of the very few people that was there to help when we needed the help."

    "I know the man. He would help anybody anytime, no matter what it is," Abbott said.

    Charles Dickens, another Trafalgar volunteer firefighter, said the theft allegation surprised him.

    "I can't see where Tony would do something like that, but things happen," Dickens said.

    Because of the arrest, Napier was put on unpaid administrative leave from his full-time job as a Greenwood fire dispatcher.

    His status as chief of the volunteer fire department in Trafalgar hasn't been determined, the television station reported.

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    I mean, who laid the original complaint, because it would normally be the family of the injured/deceased, but in this case they seem to be in support of the Chief?
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    at the beginning of the article it is written "suspicion",maybe some people talked at the firehouse,no?they had some doubts about the chief.just my opinion.
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    It seems unlikely to me that chief would have stolen the money...He set up the fund and of course would be the prime suspect should something be missing. So, why would he steal something if he knew or should have known the finger would be pointed at him if something went wrong. I think and hope that there is some kind of bank error as the chief says...most importantly for the families sake so they can get the $900 they have coming to them.

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