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    Default Minimal Experience, do I have a realistic shot

    I took the Baltimore County written test last weekend (and feel like I rocked it) and I have been wondering if I have a realistic shot at landing a spot in the academy. I have very minimal volunteer experience (1 summers worth during college) and no certifications.

    On the plus side I am in good physical shape, very intelligent, and can talk to people. I also have a college degree from a very highly ranked college, though there were no fire science courses offered.

    Since the spots are so competitive I am wondering what my chances are. They (Baltimore County FD HR department) told me that no previous experience is required, but with the number of applicants I'm wondering if it is necessary in order to get hired.

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    departments focus more on the willingness to learn verses the amount of knowledge you might already have.

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    My roomate and I applied for the Memphis Fire Department together. We took the physical test together (finished the mile run together), took the written test together (and agreed that we had the same answers). I have been EMT-IV working 911 in Shelby Co for 2 years and have volunteer FF experience. My roomate worked at sonic; no experience of any kind, no emt, no volunteering. End of story is i'm still sitting in the county and he graduates the academy in 2 weeks!

    I agree with the above post.

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    I had ZERO experience, either as a FF or EMT, and got hired with my city's dept this year. Got my EMT-B cert prior to testing (which was a requirement to get hired) but do not have any EMT experience. I'm 35 and had been working in the corporate world for 10-12 years prior to testing and getting hired.

    You'll never know until you try.

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