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    Default Where do I go from here?

    I am in the hiring process for an FD in one of the larger cities in PA. Probably about 100 people tested and I scored an 76% on my exam. The passing for this dept is 60%. Oral Interviews will be scheduled shortly and I'm just looking for some advice on where to go from here. What can I do at my interview to stand out from the others, especially since my test grade was only average?

    Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    Default Be Professional

    1. Be on time, a little early but not too early.
    2. Wear a suit.
    3. Clean shave/new haircut.
    3. Be prepared:
    What are your strengths/weaknesses?
    What experience do you bring with you?
    How can the department benefit from your skills?
    Have you ever been part of a team?
    Can you commit to the job?
    4. If you are a volunteer, good for you, but don't expect your interviewers to care one way or another. Firefighter is an entry level position in most departments. I'm just saying, be entry level; You're not a firefighter... yet. (even if you're a volunteer fire chief)
    5. Make sure you know about the organization. This will help you know what type of questions to expect. (DO YOUR HOMEWORK)
    6. Appear relaxed and confident but not cocky and arrogant.

    Good Luck.

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