Mechanized Propulsion Systems, Inc. is building the world’s first bipedal heavy vehicles, also known as mechs, for use in commercial, industrial, and military markets. MPS is actively seeking individuals for Test Pilot positions to complete the layout and functionality of the cockpit, and perform actual operational tests on the final vehicle.

Our design’s adaptability to multiple tasks makes it well suited for construction and agriculture, and our bipedal platform can navigate terrain that is difficult or inaccessible for existing wheeled and tracked vehicles, making it ideal for uses in forestry, mining, disaster response, firefighting, and military applications. MPS seeks individuals with experience testing or operating heavy vehicles in any of these environments to become part of our Test Pilot program. Strong evaluation and problem solving skills, as well as good physical condition, are also among the qualities of an ideal candidate. Hours are highly flexible, though the ability to travel frequently to our facility (in southern California near Edwards Air Force Base) is preferred.

Find out more about our company at, and if you are interested in internship or employment with MPS, just head to our online application at Any questions you have about our company or job opportunities can be directed to

Mechanized Propulsion Systems, Inc. invites you to help us create the next generation of heavy vehicle technology.