Heloo everyone, new to the site and in need of a little help. When I was a teenager I got into drugs pretty badly for a few years and I am worried about my being able to get a job as a fireman. I have turned my life around thanks to my wife and havent gotten anywhere near drugs in over 4 years. I dropped everyone I knew because they kept getting me to try and do it some more seeing as I was the life of the party only on drugs for some reason. It was just a time in my life when I was doing stupid stuff. I turned my back on all of it and have no intention of doing anything like that again. I love my new life and even the thought of drugs makes me sick to my stomache. How will this effect me getting a job? I am currently in one of the best fire academys in the country and have been making straight A's and passing all my skills test on the first try. I even put in a letter to the Chief to become an officer of the class. I am taking all this very seriously and would be crushed if I were to get out and not be able to get a job anywhere. The drugs I used are the following: marijauna, coke, extacy, acid, mushrooms (once), and some RX meds. I am ashamed of myself but does that matter? I read in a book that this was instant rejection is this true? Please help, thanks for reading all of this I know its long. BTW I am 24 yars old if that matters. Any suggestions or comments?