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Thread: FF Career

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    Default FF Career

    Alright so heres the deal. I'm wanting to pursue a career in Firefighting. Three of my uncles are Firefighters, two out of Missouri, one out of Colorado. Two are Chiefs, and one is a Captain. So you can see why I want to carry on with the family tradition. I've talked to them and other fire fighters around where I live and go to school. Most tell me to get a degree in Business so I have a fall back. Which is what I'm doing right now. But next semester I am planning on attending night classes to get an associates degree in Fire Service. I also plan on going to an academy somewhere down the road.
    Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions they can throw out there, that will help me out.

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    You are heading in the right step to start your career in firefighting by going to school. First and foremost, you need to identify if firefighting is really for you. I would recommend riding out with one of your relatives, or even a local department, to see if it is really for you.

    If it really is for you... and you think you would absolutely love to make a career out of it...

    1. Get in shape (Very crucial...especially when it comes to taking your CPAT. Fitness is important throughout your entire career as a firefighter, not just your first few years as a rookie.
    2. Become a volunteer if you can find such a program. IT not only gives you experience, but you can learn the ropes of how the general fire service operates.
    3. Go to school. If you want to get a job with a large department, like say, St.Louis for example, a Bachelor's degree never hurts. It tells whoever looks at your resume that you can start something and finish it. Not only that, it tells them that you are intelligent, and that you have a vested interest in yourself, and the department. Bachelor's degrees are crucial when it comes to promotions. Stay focused, and stay off the alcohol/partying as much as possible during college.
    4. Go to EMT school, and if possible become a Paramedic. Not all people are fit to be a Paramedic, so don't go to Medic School just to sack a Firefighting job.
    5. Practice for the interviews. You can have the best resume in the world, with a few M.D.'s in Emergency Medicine, but it doesn't mean it will get you the job either. Depending on the agency you apply to, some departments will send you through their own Academies, so getting your Degree & Fitness, and keeping a good head on your shoulders ought to get you the badge.

    Oh by the way... this is just scratching the surface on all the other things it takes to be a Fireman. Hope this helps.
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    Every thing RFD said. And remember that your education is the most important so take as many fire classes that you can.

    Good luck
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    Hey thanks RFD, and AFR. I really think that I want to do fire fighting as a full time career. If you guys have anymore insight that you can think of down the road, just send out a shout. Thanks again.

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    Do you plan on getting on a big city department? (i.e. St. Louis)
    If so, having your Paramedic certification will increase your chances of getting hired. I see it becoming a requirement shortly down the road. I've been hearing through the grapevine that they could be moving away from the EMT-I soon, but that's the grapevine... If I were you, and the exact way I'm going to do things... this is what I would/am doing
    -Get your Fire Science Degree
    --Where I'm taking my FS classes, at the local community college, the EMT-B class is in the degree course. When I graduate college (2011-ish), I'll have my FF-II and my EMT-B.
    -By the time I graduate high school (2009), I'll have my 36 hour card (actually by this December). I'll join the local Volunteer/Paid-On-Call (aka POC) department and then I'll have a year and a half to get my EMT-B card, per department standards.
    -Once I have my EMT-B card, I'm going to gain some experience with the vollie/POC dept. before I stare my medic.
    If all goes as planned, I will have my FF-II and Medic by about 2012, maybe 2013, depending on how things are going. At that time, I'll start to look for a career job outside on the state. I'm looking at going to California(I have a job at the Chevron oil refinery waiting for me if I want it because my uncle is a higher-up), Florida, North Carolina, or Pittsburgh.

    Your top priorities now should be to do good in school and keeping a clean police record...

    How old are ya? Maybe look into finding an Explorer/Jr. program near you to join to get your feet wet...

    Best of Luck to ya.
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