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    Default Am I On The Right Path?

    I am currently enrolled in figherfighter 1 & 2/EMT training at my local community college (6 month program). There are some people in my group who are already hired on at fire departments and are getting paid for this training. Should I have tried to get on somewhere first before I signed up for the training? The class runs 8-5 everyday so with that and having to have a job at night for only a few hours makes it hard to support my wife and son. What is the best thing to do...should I stay enrolled in class? Can I try to get on somewhere still and will the pay for the remainder of the training period? I know once program is over and I have a job it will get things back to normal at home but right now it is just very stressful not seeing my family and newborn as much as I would like. Any suggestions would be very helpful, especially from those who might have gone through a similar experiance.

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    you should really start looking around for whoever is testing and what their qualifications are. Can't get hired unless you test

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    figherfighter 1 & 2

    Yes, it would be great if you can get an agency to hire you and pay for the training and education. The problem is getting an agency to hire you. I'm sure if you talk to the new firefighters in your class they will tell you they got hired by learning how to take a firefighter interview.

    Getting your FF 1 and EMT is good ammuntion to convince an agency that you have proven yourself to have hands on experience that they can take a chance on.

    See if you can just get the FF 1 and EMT and obtain your FF 2 after you get hired.

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    You should try to get on with a department that will pay for it, but it's probably too late for that. 6 months is a short time, and like Capt. Bob said, those certifications are great ammunition, so finish out the courses - paid or not paid. Good luck.

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    Most large westcoast departments have there own towers and you get all the basic certs, smaller departments look to certs and acadamies that you have gotten on your own.
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    Default school

    Here in Florida most departments want you to be certified EMT and Fire 1&2 before they will look at your application. Some are just Fire 1&2. The departments around here are not hiring and then putting the candidates through their FF 1&2 training as much as they were 5 or so years ago. I found a school that had night and weekend classes and was able to work full time and go to school. It takes a bit longer but I wasn't financially strapped. I was going to try and get hired first but the paid training would not have been enough to pay the bills. I just paid for my training and was able to get hired within 7 months of graduation. So it was about 1 1/2 years from starting school to starting work. I'm glad I did it that way because I always had my full time job to fall back on just in case.

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