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    Question Anyone using a GIS program

    We are starting to look into getting a GIS program for our department, which can be used in our trucks. Our township is currently haveing all of the GIS information gathered. It will be done in about 2 months. I was wondering what programs are out there, and any opions good or bad about them. We will be starting from scratch, we still have to get the computers for the trucks. Thank-you for your input.

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    Sorry if you guys have already looked into it, I just saw your post.

    Were a combo department with full time staffed engines and medics and rely on volunteers for our next due assignments. I currently have 6 ( and soon to be 8 ) toughbook cf-29's installed in our rigs and they are working out great.

    As for our mapping software, were using a product from a company called Alsea Geospatial, based out of Corvallis, OR. They have a product called IncidentView which has really worked out great for us. It's a custom interface built on top of ArcGIS ( AreReader ) and uses any mapping layers that you currently have available to you. they can also hot link any preplans, or other data to the map also. These guys have been great and we were a demo department for their beta release so we had a lot of input into how it was made. They are really great to work with and care about their product.

    Also they don't mind if you do the updating to the map data yourself, so once the first map is built, you can save a lot of money by having your GIS dept. just update the map.

    here's a link:

    I don't work for these guys or get any kind of a kickback, but if you speak to John ( the owner ) or Ann, let them know it was me that turned you on to it... i would enjoy harassing them about pushing their product.

    If you need any more info drop me a PM and I'll help in any way I can.

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    Default FireView

    FireView by The Omega Group out of San Diego (http://www.theomegagroup.com) is a great piece of software that can help with meeting just about every current operational need for GIS in Fire. They can customize the software specifically to your departments needs but there is a lot of functionality right out of the box. They'll work with you to customize the application to your needs. It runs on top of the ESRI ArcGIS platform and provides everything from basic analysis (incident locations) to predictive algorighms and imports data automatically from your CAD or FIS in a user friendly environment. What I like about it is that you can customize the maps that it produces so can take the analysis further if you are familiar with GIS analysis. Lots of support for their community too. Check their website or call them for specific functionality.

    If you call them let them know that Kevin Milos at Calgary Fire Dept told you about them. I don't work for them, just like to keep in touch.

    Kevin Milos
    GIS Analyst
    Calgary Fire Department

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    Default We use Symposium Software

    We use a software from a company called Symposium www.symposium911.com

    It is Dispatch software and a mobile data software that cross talk. so in the vehicle we are seeing the same info as the dispatcher. We use Toughbooks in the units and they have touchscreens, when a unit arrives on scene they can touch a button and they are updated in the dispatch center. It also has vehicle tracking so command can see which units are arriving on the map. It use all of your GIS data, such as hydrants, watermains, streets.

    It has worked out great for us.

    If you need more info e-mail me peabodyfire@aol.com

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    Default First Responder Readiness System (FIRST™)

    You might want to check out the First Responder Readiness System (FIRST™).

    First Responder Readiness System (FIRST™) is a web-based, readiness assessment, training, and resource tracking application designed to assist in preparedness and readiness of First Responders including fire, rescue, police, emergency medical services, and others.

    FIRST™ displays unit location and readiness on Google Maps™. Click a unit to instantly view its overall readiness for multiple missions. In one click, drill down to the unit's detailed task assessments. Provides for filtering views by type of unit.

    The system is Designed specifically to be a First Responders station-level tool for management of key resources (Personnel, Equipment, Training, Supplies). Provides city and county First Responders with a web-based database for tracking readiness of resources: personnel, equipment, training, supplies, ordnance, etc. Also provides for the linking of resources to mission essential tasks.

    Key Features

    * Web-Based
    * Completely Configurable
    * Uses Google Maps to display resources and facilities
    * Simple Installation and Management
    * User-Friendly WYSIWYG Interface
    * Web Service Enabled (Can exchange data with other web applications)
    * Scalable from Town to City to County to State to National-level
    * Uses the Department of Homeland Security Universal Task List
    * Low Cost


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    We are using a product called Remote Access. It is from a company called Group 1 Solutions Inc. The software is GIS based. Besides mapping it gives you company record information along with preplans. We have been using it for 10 year and are extremly happy.


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    My department is using the GIS system from WTH Engineering. The user interface takes a little getting used to but overall it is an extremely powerful system.


    Keith Huster

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