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    Default water fight rules

    I need some help finding the "official" rules for a waterfight, such as cable height and length.

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    Try these out I played "waterball" for years, great sport and alot of fun

    8.3 RULES
    8.3.1 Firefighters Water Ball Maximum number of competitors shall be five (5), plus one (1) coach. Nozzle pressure shall be 630 KPA (90 P.S.I.) Time Limit Shall be Three (3) minutes. CLOTHING SHALL CONSIST OF: (i) Bunker style pants, coat and boots (ii) Helmets (iii) Gloves Shall be optional. EQUIPMENT SHALL CONSIST OF: (i) 60m (200ft) of 38mm (1 ½ “) hose. (ii) 65mm (2 ½”) supply line. (iii) 1-gated wye 65mm. x 38mm. x 38, (2 ½” x 1 ½” x 1 ½”). (iv) 2-38mm (1 ½”) straight bore nozzle with 13mm (1/2”) tip. (v) A ball of either 35cm. (14”) or 37.5 (15”) in diameter. (vi) Cable of 10mm, (3/8”) diameter steel. THE CABLE SHALL BE STRUNG AS FOLLOWS: (i) 3m (10 ft.) from the ground to the center. (ii) 33m (110ft) between the posts. (iii) Stops shall be 15m(45ft) from the center. The starting line shall be 4.5M (15ft) each side of the center mark on the ground and/or the cable. The winner of each heat shall advance to the next round. The final round shall be the best two out of three. The heat is won by advancing the ball against the stops in the opponents territory. (this can also be based on time, IE: time ball is over opponents line) In the event of time expiring the winner shall be the team who has the ball in the opponents territory when the whistle sounds. The team may stand any distance behind the starting line at the beginning of the heat. The nozzle men must cross streams over the ball before the signal to start is given. After the signal to start, the teams may maneuver any place on the playing area. Team members may change positions at any time during the competition. DISQUALIFICATION SHALL OCCUR IF: (i) The coach comes in contact with any player, the hose or the nozzle until after the final whistle is sounded. (ii) The hose stream is directed at the opposing team. (iii) The nozzle is dropped or thrown to the ground during the competition. (iv) In the opinion of the judges, the nozzle man loses control of the nozzle. (v) There is any interference by a spectator. Only the team captain shall converse with the judges in the event of a dispute.
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