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    Default scott RIT pack II

    here is a link to an interesting video about scott RIT pack II:


    great video.
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    Default Pro's and Con's

    Props to the above Dept. for their thurough knowledge on their equipment, however, I'd have to respectfully disagree with some of the tactics used in the video. They demonstrate various way to hook up the RIT pack but the one thing we found based on both the manufacture's recommendations and trial and error, is the priority of each option is crucial. The first step in hooking this pack up to a downed FF is to see if their pack is damaged. The reason for that is because that is going to dictate your next move. If the FF's pack is not damaged, the bottle valve is open, the best case is to use the high pressure universal connection to equalize the bottles. Hook the universal connection up, THEN turn on the bottle of the RIT pack. Doing it in this order will reduce the risk of anything going wrong when introducing the high pressure from the full RIT bottle. Granted they have relief valves in place to accomidate any pressure problems but why take the chance, it's easily avoided. Once the bottle is equalized, disconnect the RIT bag and both FF's are free to exit the structure. The main advantage is that you are not teathered to the RIT bag and can get out quicker. It seems they are placing a huge emphasis on shutting the PASS / Vibra-Alert down WHICH IS KEY WHEN YOU FIRST COME UP TO HIM! but that shouldn't be the deciding factor on how you are going to get him air.
    If you decide for whatever reason to shut the bottle down on the downed FF, you can still hook up the RIT pack via the Duall EBSS and the FF will be breathing straight off the RIT bottle.
    Just on more minor correction:
    The bottle on the low pack will bleed down to 100 psi. then will start tapping into the greater air supply weather it is another pack or the RIT bottle. This design gives the FF a bit more time in the event that he had to disconnect.

    In no way am I taking shots at the California guys, it takes a big set to video the way you do things and post it for everyone to see and criticize. Hopfully this isn't taken in any negative way.

    Chicago Burb's

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