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    Default Selective Dispatch

    I am just curious as to how many other 24-hr staffed departments that have at a minimum of 5 stations and over 5,000 CALLS do not have selective dispatch.

    We have 7 stations with over 8,500 calls and do not have selective dispatch. So basically you have to try and listen to everything that comes over the radio to determine if it is in your territory or response. And you have to keep track of who is in service or out or on an alarm and you have to cover. All while trying to sleep too. Not very efficient in my mind. So just wondering if there are any other departments that operate like that that have multiple stations and call volumes.

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    Selective dispatch not inservice? This is something from the 70s. Time to buy some CAD software.

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    I really feel sorry for you. I think it is time to start asking for donations so changes can be made.

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