So I have been taking several test lately, and I am not seeming to place high on the list.

Now the actual test portion itself; reading comprehension, mathematics, etc I KNOW I do well on. I dont struggle with those questions, and I can pretty much go through it without having to double check TOO much.

The psychological questions is where I think I am going wrong.

For example, a question was as follows:
You are a new firefigher on your first day at your house. You walk into the door only to trip over a firehose that is laying out. You fall down in front of several of your co-workers who then start to laugh at you. Throughout the rest of the day, your co-workers keep coming up and laughing. You do the following:

A. Tell your direct supervisor you dont feel well and have to leave.
B. Call all the firefighters in the house together and tell them you dont appreciate them laughing at you.
C. Laugh it off and join in on the joke.
D. Tell your direct supvervisor that you are not happy with your fellow co-workers and have him repremand them.

Now, trying to think of the best answer, I choose D. When discussing this afterwards, I was told by people an answer like that should have been C because they want someone that can take a joke and isnt going to have issues with little things like that.

Any advice on these portions of the test, aside from being directed to a paid website?!?