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    Default 20 year old looking for some direction..

    Hey I'm 20 i live in a suburb of Detroit and id love to get a fire job at the majority of the big cities.. But living and having my roots in detroit and knowing that there wont be a hiring for sometime i was trying to figure out how to go about getting a fire job outta state because i have heard its a lot harder than getting hired in state. i have my EMT-b and im getting my paramedic currently and have no fire training but its without a doubt what i want to do. So any tips or any rumors as to which cities are looking to hire soon if you could let me know id greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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    Los Angeles City and County are both hiring now. And it beats living in Detroit.

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    If youre really, really serious about getting a career in the fire service, dont screw around with rumors and half leads. Join a job service that updates daily. Below are the best two in the buinsess. Trust me, its worth the $7.00 a month to get the best jobin the world.


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    I grew up and lived in Michigan for 24 years. Michigan is a tuff state to get a job. Pretty much all of the deptartments you have to have your FF I & II along with your Paramedic. Last year I moved out to Minnesota and Challenged the state tests and got recertified for Minnesota. It was not that bad of a test. I was applying to departments in Wisconsin and Minnesota and I just got my conditional offer for Madison WI. You can get any job that you want to if you work hard and stay focused. Start looking online to find who's hiring and apply anywhere you can. I know that Deluth MN is hiring right now, St. Paul and Minneapollis are hiring next summer. I would suggest going to www.eatsress.com and get Capt. Bobs program on getting your badge. It is what made a difference for me. Good luck and Don't let anyone tell you it can't be done!!

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    Default thanks a lot guys

    thanks to all of you who posted something I really appreciate it.

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    Find a volunteer department to join and get some fire experiance (and hopefully certs too), then just start applying to anywhere that you might want to live who is hiring.
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    Default Fire Fighter Exam

    Since you have no fire training you need to look online for fire exam prep guides or tests. Another way to get your fire training is to volunteer with a local fire company. A good site for fire Q's is www.fire-fighter-exam.com It is designed for people exactly like you with the entrance exams and so forth. Good Luck!

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