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    Default Question to all part-time/volunteer FF's.

    Question to all part-time/volunteer FF's.

    I would like to know if you get a minimum amount of hours paid on each call?

    I really need your input.

    We are currently under negociation with the city and we currently get 2-hour minimum for each call. However, while speaking with our next-door neibor fire departments, we discovered that everybody else has 3 hours minimum.

    What are the standards in your area. I am in Quebec.

    Looking forward hearing from you.


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    Used to be a "temp partial/volunteer" in Lachute up until a few years ago. When I left we had a 2 hour minimum after 11:00PM at night until 07:00AM, a meal after 3 hours on the fireground (if it covered a meal time) and a minimum of 2 hours on Statutory holidays, if my memory serve me correctly. Good luck with your research,

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