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    Default New Training Chief Needs Words of Wisdom

    This is my first post to the forum, and I'm quite sure many more will follow. I am newly promoted to the position of Training Division Chief for a career
    department. In this position I will be responsible for the development and delivery of all aspects of fire training. Our department has 50 full-time firefighters. We operate 3 engines, 2 ALS rescues, and a soon to be tower out of three stations. I have spent my time on the rigs, working my way up from firefighter to engineer and lieutenant, but the administrative side is new to me. Any words of wisdom from experienced training officers would be appreciated. I am eager to hear all of your ups and downs.
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    That makes you third in command.

    It is your job to train the recruits with everything you know, as fast as you can without compromising their training.

    This is what protects them.

    Also try timing their training times carefully, to give you and your commanding officers a better idea on which firefighter is best suited to deal with different situations.

    Hope this helps.

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