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    Default Bumper Mounting of Q or other type Sirens

    While visiting a friend's department in the Irondeqoit, NY area, I noticed that several of the trucks have the mechanical Q siren mounted in the front bumper of the truck, isn't the siren apt to get plugged up with snow and slush in winter time to the point to render it inoperative at a time the responders need it the most? Wouldn't an electronic siren have been a better choice at this location on the truck?

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    We have both in the bumpers and on the bumpers depending on the different truck. We have not had any trouble. The airhorns tend to collect snow. The sirens have never frozen up due to snow or slush.
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    never had a problem with a Q getting clogged up while being on the bumper. we have a Q on the bumper for all three engines, our truck and our rescue...and not once have we had them clog...and i live upstate too.

    i have seen the airhorns clog though, but you can still hear the horn pretty well regardless.

    and if you're going to be going through enough snow to clog those, why would you need them on? odds are you're going to be the only thing on the road anyways.

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    No ice or slush is going to be adequate to defeat the mechanical torque produced by a Federal "Q". One bump of the toe button, and it will be spinning just fine. Even if it were a problem, I'd accept the tradeoff for not having the thing on the roof making me deaf for the other 355 days a year without major snowstorms.

    Bumper mounts for sirens and horns are a HUGE design improvement.
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