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    I am enrolled for the EOC Tech Fire Academy starting in January, well at least I am in the testing phase to be enrolled. I just wanted to give a shout out to all of you who are making this journey with me to achieve a life long goal. My name is Justen and ever since I was a young kid this has been my dream. I had an uncle who was a Fire Captain and that helped me to really get into it. I only hope I can meet the expectations of today's firefighters alike. I am 19 yrs old, married, w/ twin 2 week old girls. Many have tried to sway me from persueing this career but its not working. Anyhow, just wanted to say what's up.

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    Lucky. I have to wait until I get all my Fire Tech core classes before I can enroll in the academy I want to go to. To top it all off, the academy is backed-up until 2009. I might just go to another academy that's a little over 40 minutes of driving (that's gonna burn a huge hole in my pocket for sure).

    Anywho, nice to meet you. I'm Kyle, 18 years old, on the same journey as you. Love it, breath it, and sometimes even dream about it. Unfortunately, I had no influence from family. I'm the first in the family that wants to become a firefighter. Some of them, including my friends, are trying to dissuade me, but, like you, it doesn't work too well

    Cya around the forums.

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    Welcome to both of you. You are both very young for the fire service. Most commonly people do not get hired until their mid 20's. Certainly there are always exceptions. I was hired at 20. In retrospect, I was too young.

    The best thing you can do is to go to school and get your education. You should strive for an AS degree in Fire Science. is part of the California community college system and counts the same as any other JC. I have taken all of my undergrad work there. Online classes are absolutely the way to go. Being married with twin infant girls (congratulations) is a huge demand on your time. Maximize your study time while the girls are sleeping.

    Stay tuned to this website and you will find all kinds of great advice and information.
    Paul Lepore
    Battalion Chief

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    Whats up bro!!! I can relate, im only 20, got hired when i was 19! Its the best job in the world man! Just keep at it and it will happen for you.

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    good luck! i was hired at 21, i learned a lot but was mature for my age. i think having twins will make you mature. although i do think you should probably not go around calling yourself bootlegginZ28 suggesting you are involved in illegal activities

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