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    Default Cramp Angle Calculator

    Does anyone have a link to a cramp angle calculator? Something that the SAE might have published or just a "plug in your numbers" website.

    Trying to compare existing cramp angles and wheelbases to longer wheelbases with better cramp angles.

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    I doubt that you will find a formula that is strictly based upon cramp angle and wheel base. There are too many other variables such as tire size, cab width and axle length.
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    Default Look at turing radius more than cramp angle

    Cramp angles will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer depending on lots of variables. What front axle is being used, steel or aluminum wheels, tire size and which cab model. What you might be looking for is a turning radius calculator and again, there are many variables that need to be figured to get this info. A truck with a 52 degree cramp and long wheelbase will not turn as tight as a truck with a 48 degree cramp angle and shorter wheelbase. You will have to ask each manufacturer to provide this info based on configurations of each truck. And one last thing to watch for, ask if the cramp angle you are being told is both left and right turns. Some manufacturers will only be able to make the 52 degree angle turning one direction depending on steering box placement.

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