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    Smile 2007 AFG grant awards

    From all of us at Arnoldsville Fire Department, We would like to thank all of your help and opinions that made BOTH of our grant Applications successful. We went Round 2 for Turnoutgear and Round 7 for a new truck. with just over $300,000 to spend we are considering every step we do wisely.

    This is a huge milestone for us, for we have never even applied for the AFG grant, and me personally, have never written for any type of grant. I wrote both grants, and we were approved.

    The other way that this has been a milestone for us, We have never owned a new set of Turnout gear or a truck. We are currently using turnout gear that has been dated 1982 and prior, and as far as our 1970 Dodge Pumper, well need I say anymore.

    We have finally started moving up into the next era of firefighting since I have moved in as Chief. Of course we lost a few members who were not happy with the changes that I was putting forth, but we have also gained a few new members who is looking forward to the changes.

    Finally, I wanted to say thank you all for your thoughts, words, and advise. Many of the changes we have made was due to the forums here on firehouse.com, and I am sure we will get many more from you all.

    Thank you again,
    Chief Siegert

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    Amazing, a double winner first time out. Congrats chief, a job well done. The department has a lot to be proud of; new PPE and vehicle.

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    Default Congrats Chief

    Way to go chief!! Sometimes a change is needed, too bad everyone can't see that. Sounds like your doing a great job regardless.

    I learned alot here as well. After I got help from the members here, especially Kurt, I have written two successful grants and have not had to wait past round two for the award. You can definately learn alot here.

    Keep up the good work.

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    Great feeling to have (or looking towards) new gear/equipment. Without FG we would be/were in the same place.

    What state??

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    We are located in Arnoldsville Georgia, may have seen us on the news very recently, aftyer being notified about our grants, the city of arnoldsville has decided to evict us from the building we are currently in, and has no plans to rebuild for us at all. they feel they dont need a fire department any longer. so, now the problems begin, we have 2 months to find land, purchase it, and then raise a building. do you all think our $4,500. a year budget will cover this? I dont either. Time to start begging

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    Georgia, the home of three seasons, Hot, Hotter, and Man is this heat for real??

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